New Project

Sup sup playas- This is the first design I just finished for a friend's project. There will be a lot more concepts on the way, I probably won't post them all here, but they will definitely be on my own blog. Basically I am looking for Crits Crits Crits! You guys are always extremely helpful. This is just one of hopefully many new pieces that will make up my new portfolio so I can apply for Gnomon by next month (That's right Mr. Bolyard I'm comin after ya!" haha- well hopefully ou guys can tear it to shreds and tell me what's up




The Sword Seeker

I did this piece as a wedding gift for my brother.


Sunny Side up

So basically, I'm not much of a painter at all, but I REALLY wanna get better at it.

Here's a piece I just did. The theme is boring, but I just wanted to do something simple where I could try some things out.

Any hints, tip or tricks would be very much appreciated!!!!!!
Any Critique would be awesome, all you folks are super talented and I'd love to hear from ya'll!!!


Just dance

Oh hey Oondu! I haven't posted here in awhile, so I thought I might update!
I post more regularly on my blog if your interested ;P haha

Practice painting I started yesterday!
Any suggestions, hints, tips, help, critique, observations, comments or things like that? haha


Guardian of the Realm

Here's the finished piece of my previous line drawing.