String Dance

Why do real projects when there is Coco to be drawn? Will this shut you up, Mike/Alex?



Me possessed by an oni. Digital photoshop. uh 7-10 hours of werk. comment please.


quick crit WIP

Edit: heres the finish on that one

hey everyone, I decided to grind out one last painting for AOI/SOI and its to a level where I think it could take some crits.

the idea is that the guy is ripping out a machine heart

please let me know how to make it stronger, think the background is a little lacking right now and could use a few suggestions

Just before I scoot off to work




Pei revisited

I'm going back and revising some of my old pieces in preparation for SOI and AOI

Reference Session

Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone would be down for a reference getting session. I was hoping we could get a lot of people together and just take a bunch of photos of anything and everything for our morgue files (if you have one, and you should)

also, is anyone having (or interested in having) a sketch night?

let me know!!!!!

Jane Austen vs. Kraken

Here's an illustration I did for Timeout New York magazine. Pretty fun stuff. God, I hope it keeps up!


ATTENTION! AOI & SOI Deadlines are this coming Friday January 29th. Drop off sheets are in Circle Hall Outside the Illustration Office. We will have a posted schedule of when we will be there to accept drop off's, but if no one is there and you CAN'T come back when we will be then fold everything up as best you can with money in side and slide it under the door. ONLY if you can't make it back when we are there. ALSO please be sure to fill out the whole form for each competition. CASH ONLY.

AOI: $5 for the first 3 pieces, $1 more for each piece over 3.
EX: 2 pieces = $5, 4 pieces = $6

SOI: First submission is free, each piece is $5 after that.
EX: 2 pieces = $5, 4 pieces = $15

Last year we set a record with the number of submissions. Lets do it again. Spread the word!


The Lady


The Facebook Pokemon

As everyone might know on Facebook there was an FB event where one who change his/her FB profile picture into a pokemon, I guess to commemorate old hobbies and how this videogame almost took over the world. Well, I didn't want to be like everyone else and post up a google image. So I took the liberty of combining 2 fictional characters; Solid Snake and the pokemon Gulpin. so basically I referenced from a pokemon card which of course was Gulpin and combined little styles here and there. But the technique I've been concentrating on is making a transparent color layer where I can freely mess with the values and color thus giving it a sort of dramatic light. Right now this piece is still a little unfinished and I still have to render the gun and knife that Snake usually carried in the 3rd installment of the Metal Gear Solid series. But to sadfully say is I did not post this on FB so.. yeah. Comments.

Glass Lillys

This is something i did for my brother. He likes the heart symbal thing (not my favorit symbal, thats y the heart is not done) and the lillys are symbalic for love sprouting from the cold rocky area. I think that textures would really help in the glass. Any ideas?



Welp, first off to the one on the right is the finished piece, durp. Anyways this character design started off as a small sketch on some notes in a class, that made me want to do a speed painting. The one on the left took me about an hour and the one on the right took me about i think 5-7 hours. but yeah soon as i finished the first one i felt i needed to push it further and so....I did! but yeah the first one was an experiment on how fast i was and the final image was a test of how good i was on value. Gimme them thoughts!


Attn: Please Crit, due monday

Alright everyone, I really need you guys to leave whatever hang ups you got about my work cuz I want to know what can be done to make this better using the extra day I've earned from finishing early, (I gota send this out monday) please tell me what you think

The piece is called "Little Red and Big Bad Enjoy the Full Moon" this isnt a representation of the grimm fairy tale little red riding hood, but more just the idea that popped into my crazy skull from saying the name of said fairy tale. That said, i wanted to do a design heavy illustration, hope I pulled it off.



Sculpture Bust

Forgot to post this finished sculpt from the fall semester. Sculpted in oil based van aken clay. I also cast it in latex and foam, which will soon be painted and hair punched for the finished piece.


Gatalo Creature

Realized I haven't posted in a while, here's a creature sketch that I painted up recently.


Caught in the act of birching


Winter break=time for art

this is a painting i did for my good friend's wedding. He is a marine and put his time in Iraq so i got the red white and blue+Iraqs yellow colors going on. It is a bit of a spead painting but i was hoping the painterly look worked. What do you think?

I did this for my sisters birthday. Big guys representing the time of day with the sun or the moon, or with both. I was happy with the last one but something seems off for some reason. If any one has any advise i would ove to hear it. Thanks.


The Krampus

Hey illustrators! How are things. I really just wanted to join this blog to do the theme drawings, because that seems like so much fun...

This is the Krampus, a mythical german creature that Bernadette warned me of. Bern, I'd like to see your Krampus!


Cthulhu fhtagn!

You have found a relic of the Outer God Cthulhu, what will you do?
Run in terror: Turn to page 6.
Pick it up: Divide by zero, and foam at the mouth.

But seriously. I was looking through old posts and realized that we have no real 3D work to speak of...so I thought I'd go ahead and put up this little sculpt and see what people thought. As illustrators, I expect that most of you at least have HEARD of Cthulhu...if not, well, google is waiting. Anyhow, let me know what you guys think!

And another thing...

Ok, here is another main character I'm working on, I redesigned the armor to a more streamlined look than what I had actually drawn in the pages i did. I like it better. What do YOU guys think???????

Work In Progress: Mr. Goldielock

This is my winter project. It is a series of three art pieces. Its more or less, me figuring out composition and color before I actually paint this whole series. I would like some critiques before I continue...


EOW #130: The Water of Life at the World's End

This was done for the latest Environment of the Week.
VOTE HERE:  http://www.conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?t=177432

(I'm still tweaking it, too.)

I realized I hadn't really done much surreal/fantasy work.  Never really felt like I could identify with it so much, but I did really enjoy making this piece.  It was a challenge, though.  I ended up solving a couple of my problems using 3D.  For example, I initially sculpted the actual water in modo 302, then applying a water material (refraction index 1.33, just like in real water) in order to figure out the distortion of the figures underneath.  But I really backed myself into a corner compositionally.

In fact, it's got some problems what probably can't be solved unless I overall the whole thing, so it's probably a good idea to move on.  But big thanks to the awesome folks at the critique center at conceptart.org for helping me out with a myriad of issues.  Juggling a complex image is so hard to do objectively!


This was what I did when classes were done because I hadn't actually illustrated anything for almost three weeks. I was thinking of Thom Yorke's new single Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses, (it's just as wack as the Eraser) sorry for the blurriness