here are some sketches from an awesome book by CS Lewis called "out of the silent planet"  these are aliens.  the ones on the left are Sorns and the other is a Hrossa.  I made my blog finally so you should
 ch ch ch check it out!


Saintly Things

Working on sketches for possible saint/martyr thingy series for lithography class. Might keep them line or do some sorta fancy border . just sketches for now. gunna try to do btwn 3 n 5 :O but not 4.

hmmmmm yep! just dinky post ta show hey I'm not dead :D


Old Fashioned Fun

OK, so here is the next installment in my series of drawings, im leaning toward an idea of danger more and more to go with the theme and the harsh "stabbing" of the pencil strokes, i took a photo this time instead of scanning it at the school so ignore the weirdness in the lower right, its shadow from the biending of the page and I didnt want to waste a ton of time cleaning it up in photoshop

Ive been wanting to work on my pieces titles, kinda do one word abstract things kinda like Phil Hale would, like Probos or Nostromo or Typhoon

any way, let me know what you all think



Well it has been along time since i last posted so i figured that i would throw this up.  This is piece is an armadillo as ironman soaring through the skies against two mig-15's.  I initially inked it but then decided that i wanted to implement color.  So let me know what you think.


The Royal Froggie

I had some fun with this piece. It's supposted to be Queen Elizabeth II as a frog. I know it doesn't look exactly like her, but I still am pretty happy with it. Mahan told me a few things to work on, like making the jewelry have varying values rather than being flat. I'm going to go back into it, to make a few little changes, so any criticism is welcome.

Because I hate him...

Take that you overbearing, overpaid, nutjob weirdo, windbag! And I dont care if he was funny in tropic thunder either.


Jon and Steven : BFFs

So I have to start off by saying thanks to Bernadette because her post reminded me that we could edit these this week which seems like a perfect chance to get some feedback.

This is my styles and concepts piece of Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert as a two headed news anchor arguing with itself. I know I want to screw around with the folds on the jacket (especially stewart's side) but other than that, any ideas would be appreciated.


heres my styles and concepts piece.  I still have time to change it so if you guys have any advice i would love hear it.  hope you all hate Hillary


Logo: Update, update, update, update!

Update 4! Do you guys even scroll this far down anymore? Ha ha. The more I know the more I change. You get the pattern... I changed some things around and simplified the sucker with the help of the wonderful Vicki Golden. THIS is my logo... again, so far.

FACEBOOK New Terms and Agreements...

hey guys don't put anything new on facebook not until you read the terms and agreements. A friend of mine just told me that he has heard that there is a "facebook owns anything posted on facebook" Clause


I haven't read it in full myself. But i trust my friends word and he said he has read it several times. He linked me to this general summery of the terms.



haven't been doing much worth showing [yet], but since the new theme's fairytallleessssss sure.
this is a project from 'last semester' i did for comic class. really just an excuse to to something i wanted to and get homework done at the same time. as a result, though, i was picky about it [because i actually cared for once :3] and only got this far. though i donno if i wanna continue/what exactly to do with it. so i guess i'll post it up for target practice.

there's so much i want to go back into to fix and finalize because the comic pages are anywhere near done, but at the same time i don't know if i really find it worth the effort/frustration.


The Greedy Witches

This is something I drew for fun for the theme.  I was thinking of the witches from the black cauldron story or maybe the three grey women.  I don't know what she is holding ... a light source I guess. 

a little help

Ok, so I had to revamp this gig poster a little bit for entrepreneurial but i think its starting to work, im happy with the design choices and i just need to work out some kinks in the messy letters but if you guys can help me at all that would be great too


CCAD is awesome? Yes.

So the results for SOI winners are public, thanks to some random click bingeing on the net that took me to Kirsten's deviantart as to which I learned this news. 

Many Congratulations to:

Margaret Hardy
Alex Alvarado
Kirsten Zirngibl
and Sarah Wurm

You make us proud. You lucky jerks, you.

Edit: I can't spell.

Fairy Tale Post: Snow White

Alright...it has been tough finding the time to get started on this one. I still have a butt load of homework to get to, but this one is going to a full color finish if I have anything to do with it.

I just wanted to get some feed back before I transferred it to board and got started. I'm feeling that maybe my little back lighting idea isn't feeling filled enough...to empty...or something.


Sunflower Teahouse


haphazard sketch

No point to this other than procrastination.

fifteen minute nag

Here's my black and white illustration for the Mark Twain assignment.  That class is so sweet if any one hasn't taken it yet, DO IT, its awesome.



So yeah...first time post. I did this last Friday in digital drawing. Very soft and fuzzy for James but I kinda liked it.

Question. Why is blogger turning my picture blue? The actual picture is all yellows and oranges.

Twain was a Gambling Man.

Here's my black and white assignment I marathoned today. Feels really good to have finished this one, and have it turn out a fair bit better than I thought it would. Here's to hoping when i go to print tomorrow that screen-tone doesn't just turn grey. 

Glad to see people are digging the layout. Before I forget, I just wanted to say, you can all feel free to tag your posts with your name, so if you ever want to pull up someone's work, we can just sort by the tag by clicking on it. I thought I had mentioned it before, but now that I think about it, I don't think I have.


i've been super unproductive. been working on things here and there but not finishing anything SO i compiled figure studies.

weird tones = the cost of photography



Some recent stuff. Digital figure drawing is fun.

Its cold out here

Ok, well heres a new installment of those theme drawings im doing for kumlien's figure drawing class. Im excited about how these are all gona come together. This one is uncolored and i like it bettter that way. I shouldnt have colered the first one and Ill more then likely go back and drop the color. we had to do our theme with a sense of environment, i struggled a bit with how to do that while still showing close up faces with a film noir feel, (the backgrounds usually were just black or at least very little was shown) i was hoping the relationship between the figures would give it a sense of space, and that loosely what environment is right?


The 2009 update. Insert Crowd Noise.

So I finally fixed up this place a bit today. Still a work in progress, but you'll keep seeing some subtle changes. I think it just had to be done, it's been awhile since even the theme has been updated, because I can't find the original files for my templates. Doh.

Want to get a nice footer in place still, and get the glows on the tabs not looking so... boxy. I guess we will consider this the 2009 update. 

In other news, gonna send out a few more invites. Hopefully we get some new faces around here. And with it some new activity. 

Lemme know if anything is viewing weird. Namely mismatched blacks. 

New theme! Fairytales and Folktales. 
Thanks to Bernadette's brilliant...ness...ity... we have a new suggested theme over to the side. Illustrator's dream theme, really. I know we will have a few for this one. Have to. If we don't, well, I just won't know what to think.


Attack of the Pats

Happy birthday, Pat.


Two More.

Two from figure drawing today. Quite like em. Straight out of the sketchbook