self portrait

this is me at the bottom of the ocean.  Weird Fishes Arpeggi by Radiohead made me think of this picture.  It is not finished because I cant decide if the crabs should be light or dark?? Dudes, help me out, tell me what you think


Screen prints!

hot off the screen !


WIP... that is what the kids are saying, right?

How does it look now?

Roller Girls T-shirt Design

Hooray! My first paid gig since graduation! The line quality got lost a bit on the actual shirt, but oh well. I'll post a pic when I get the chance.


One whole year...

... since Oondu was born. 256 posts later and alot of comments, it's still going strong. And for those that wonder at this point, with some fuzzy math, counting on a continuity with traffic as it is, we will be pulling in 15,000 unique views a year. Not too shabby for a place that is completely word of mouth. This number discounts refreshes and funny stuff like that.

And I see you guys down there in Sarasota... Hi Ringling. I would also like to thank the folks from around the world who peeked in. Especially the person from Bahrain who keeps coming back. At least I don't think these are CCADers on vacation.

(I almost forgot about this.)

((But that doesn't make it less important!))



I started doodling about five hours ago and figured that if I posted it I could break the cycle and go to bed.
I plan to fill up the space on the right with WW2 style fighters, using graphics in the same color as the pants.

Here is some progress, hopefully.
Thanks for the helpful comments.


I still need to shoot some ref for the pants and feet.
I'm not sure about what to do with the nearest cluster of flora.

I'm pretty sure that this is the final. Any thoughts?

...POP! (Does this count as mechanical?) - NOW ENLARGEABLE!

Another thing that isn't really done, but is getting there. I'd say 85%. (The boy looks like he's made of wood, hehe. I intend to smooth him out more.)

I like the idea of combining whimsical with mechanical. But no, I didn't do this for the theme, I guess it just happened to work out that way, hehe. I'm glad I did this because the idea of cartoonizing stuff really kinda scared me, but doing this made me have more confidence about it. And no, I wasn't really going for "cute" though. I kind of like the way the boy's face is kind of "homely" in the conventional sense of the word.

The handles that the boy pulls direct the rudder fin in the back, while his pedalling translates to the motion of the propellers. Same for the mean neighbor girl in the pedal-powered glider. She just pulls down on her handles to change the angle of her glider.

The pedal powered glider was inspired by NASA's Gossamer Albatross and Condor. (The "spike" on the chasing glider is actually serves as a counter-balance on the original craft.) The balloon follows the concept of the White Dwarf pedal-powered Zeppelin. But they're only very loosly based on them-- I just wanted to have some foundation in reality.

This was rendered mostly in Painter. I didn't import any textures or patterns but instead made them using Painter's duel-loading brushes and the selection tool. I didn't use a single vector in the whole thing-- I guess I just like the subtle irregularities that the lasso tool makes.

The composition/values are bothering me, still. I'm open to suggestions on these things.

I had someone tell me that they thought the blimp's perspective was off because the propeller was off to the side. There are actually supposed to be 2 propellers on each side, and we're only seeing the one. So what did you guys think? An erroneous 1 or a sound 2?

Also, bear in mind that the background is not finished yet. I realize it's kind of confusing and choppy right now.



Collab between Fry Meg and I, a quickie.

New Theme: Robotics/Mechanical

Themes has returned! After some setbacks on the layout, and some discouragement, and some self-loathing, then excited rejoicing, I've finally got this back up and going.

This new theme is all about the un-organic. It's time to look at factory machines and every bit of tech out there and to come up with something. Whether it has to do with the past, present or future this is really wide open. Which is exactly what we want.

Bit of news stuff now:

Want to tell people: TAG YOUR POSTS. With something that is you. I use my name on all my posts. So if someone wants to see posts specifically with your artwork, that is all they need to do. No one seems to be doing it, and with 255 posts of this writing, no one wants to sift through all that to find everything you've done. Don't go back to do it, although you can if you want, but from now on put something down there in tags to mark it as your own.

Alex Lyon is now a blog admin, and is responsible for getting all of those invites out, as I am just terrible at remembering to do it. So I've said it before but, round of applause to Alex for getting those out. Now to all of you new people, post something so alex doesn't look like a terrible inviter. It's pretty crazy to see this many people involved really, considering oondu at first was only meant to be home to a small collective of 5 or 6. Alas, you just keep thinking of and meeting new people you want on here. All in all, if you want to be involved in all of this talk to Alex. My job now is just to keep the place fresh looking, and sending out occasional invites and keeping the themes going. Should make things a lot less bumpy while school is going.

Now, the layout is pretty much done. Maybe a footer here or there, sidebar prettying up and spacing issues aside... it's done for now. Trying to save all of the work I did already, but the more I looked at the last layout design the more I disliked it. I blame it on bad inspiration, and some neat galaxy photoshop brushes I nabbed. And the recession. And less spicy volcano tacos from Taco Bell. And some other things to avoid saying bad taste. The template is still being really annoying with spacing issues, but it's coming along now, and for whatever reason I'm really in the mood to do this today.

Edit: Finalized the layout. Officially the second template ever completed on Oondu. Woo.

All I can think of for now,
-Mike Puncekar

A little something

Trying out a new kind of coloring style. Just got so bored doing things the way I was, so hopefully this gets me really going on something. Plan is to start a digital comic in this style that I'll post page by page on my blog, or in sets of pages. Haven't decided yet. But it will be full color like this. This just went so fast.

Kind of cheated on this, but THEME DRAWING.


WoW Players in Restaurant

Hey, I was hoping I could get some opinions on here about this piece while it's still a WIP. (I still see a bunch of stuff to do with it but perhaps I should just let it go soon.) For example, is it necessary to add anything to the background?

Anyway, it was a challenge incorporating those complex shapes of the armor and getting it to read.

[It's based on World of Warcraft, but it's not exactly "fan art". It's actually a conceptual portrayal of WoW players (in this case, a warrior and a mage) who talk (usually brag) nonstop about their characters-- in first person, in public places. I thought it would be fun to show them AS their characters. The gear is accurate-- mostly tier 7.5 raid stuff.]

By the way, I don't play WoW anymore, but I used to. My brother still plays, so I kind of keep up with it and dip into it now and then. But he has a couple pretty hardcore friends I modeled this after.