Cyclops & Sketches

I finally got around to taking some nice photos of the paint job on my cyclops resin bust to send to Spectrum, so here it is. Also, a couple more turtle character idea sketches I did yesterday.

Alex made me feel awful. This is all his fault. And oondu news.

Alex posted in a comment that I had abandoned this place essentially, that I was merely the ghost squeaking in the floor boards. Well, that's not true, and to make a spectacle of it and to goad Alex Lyon, I've updated the F.A.Q. finally! Link located above the header.

The main thing in there being that I finally disclose and put into writing my plans for oondu. Highly recommended read there:

In summary, a forum is in the works that will be open to anyone to post, but with CCAD only areas.

Please... discuss. And apologies for pretty much not updating the theme in a very, very long time. That's because I lost a harddrive soon after the redesign, and all the files are now gone. Instead of just editing it I told myself I was just gonna overhaul the header and stuff, but never got around to it.

And here are some joker redesigns I'm doing cause I feel weird not posting art.



so here is a painting that I finally finished. Started it last summer. It's a self portrait obviously. A friend of mine took it. We were at he Wexner Center and I happened to make a face while she was messing with another friends camera, and when I saw it later I really really enjoyed the photo so I decided to paint it. Hope you find it enjoyable


Hobo Turtle

Quick sketch for a character design and maquette I plan to sculpt.


Portrait Illustration

This is the pencil sketch for my Electronic Illustration assignment. We were supposed to do a portrait of a famous person and at the same time illustrate something about them.

For those who don't know or don't recognize him this is Joe Maduriera, founder of Vigil Games.
Mainly I would just like to know if the composition is working for you guys.


Which pic?

Hello all. I have been working on this Miyazaki/schoolwork inspired piece, originally for a contest on CGhub. I wanted to take it further for AOI/SOI... do you like the left or the right better? Any advice?

aaaaaaaaand... Rico has this idea about designing a different character each week based on the ABCs. This Sunday was the letter "A", next Sunday is the letter "B" and so on. This is a fun little excercise to warm up those drawing fingers! Join us...


Final surfaces


Cats and Dogs

So this is my very FIRST post on Oondu! Yay my names Darian Artis Shepherd and I'm a senior illustration major. I'm thinking about submitting this piece for SOI, I still wanna work on some lighting and reflective issues but any crits would be appreciated:)


Been A While

Hey guys, I haven't posted in a while, so I thought I'd go ahead and share a few pieces I reworked into finals recently. Hope everyone had a great break. :)


AOI/SOI Piece: Partition

Here is a piece I started before last semester and decided to finish up for AOI/SOI. Any criticisms would be great as I expect there to be many things my tired eyes have missed. XD

Candy Cuppycakes

Rico Jackson presents to you, a slight retelling of the fairytale, Hansel & Gretel!

This is my final from my Children's Illustration class. We had to do a retelling of a classic story, poem or fairytale. Naturally, I did fairytale. As I sat and contemplated the many possibilities of the project, I ended up sketching a really sassy looking Gretel, and ran with it. So there you have it. I would really appreciate some critique! As of now, I'm not a big fan of:

* The Witch's shoes- They're so boring! I gotta jazz them up.

* Hansel's hands - Not very flattering shaping or stylization.

* The grass - Couldn't settle on a style or certain way to do the grass, any suggestions, hints, or tips?

* The background - The colors may be too chromatic? Is the green in the windows a little weird? And are those minty lollipops competing too much with the rest of the image?

All things I'll be attending to, but wanted to see if anyone had any ideas?


New Projects, New Members, New Year

Hey everyone. Happy New Year from the Oondu Staff! Which for the time being is just me. I haven't really been posting on here due to the heavy schedule of job hunting and a part time job. BUT since I have had a bit of time with the holiday I got to start something fun. This is just something I am doing to give me a chance to play with texture and traditional painting cues that I want to try to introduce into my work. The face is still a hot mess, but the "unfinished" quality of it I think is going pretty well.


Dead ahead Captain! A new Oondu blogger!

Hey Oondu community! This is Drew, a new blogger. Im really happy to be joining you guys and hope I can make some positive contributions to the blog!

Last summer I attended the Pre College program for Illustration and really got interested in the 3D Illustration department.

This is a Super Sculpey creature that I finished a while ago, and have been making a lot of these. I'm working towards getting them to respond to some sort of environment, but this guy is really more of a creature/character study.

I would really like your thoughts on this project, as well as on other projects that I post in the future!



HOWDY! Not much today. Just messing around in illustrator. Pictured is the main villian from my children's story (I should come up with a name for this soon..) and 4 of the 5 knight masks. the far right one is the black knight's mask and is likely to change the most. I didn't include the yellow knight because his helmet's mask is somewhat hard to abstract and I didnt feel like makin it. Love how the villian turned out though.


Hephaestus surfaces

I've been working with a group on a short film this semester (http://hfilm.wordpress.com/) and I finally have some stuff to share.

I did the texture painting, made the shaders and grew the hair. Rendered in mental ray.

Models by Jeff Horal and design by Alex Curtis.

Watch at 720P