Henry the Killer

Don't know why his name is Henry, just came to me...ha. CS5, couple of hours, feels like it needs a push, something to give is some extra pizzaz! I think it lies in the rendering and no reference haha, i think maybe a little more contrast and maybe work some areas more to give a little more detail, which I started to do around the head and shoulders


Thanks guy


PS- Is there a better way to upload files than JPEG on these blog sites and deviant art? Sort of a noob question, but is it worth switching to TIFFs...or something else?


Tattoo Artist

Hey hey, uh, guys. Long-time member, first-time poster. Uh, heh.

This is a tattoo artist concept for professional practice. He puts the patterns on animals. The thing in the foreground is an unpatterned python, which I know is confusing right now. I'm gonna transfer and begin painting soon..but let me know what you like and what ya don't like, please.



This is something that I did over the last couple months very slowly... 8" x 10" Graphite on Illustration Board. For those of you who know her the model is Miki Ouellette.

Dragon Bird WIP

Here are some sketches as well as a WIP peak of the final piece for the first illustration in professional practice. The assignment is to interpret an excerpt of a Dr. Seuss book into your own style.


Tillo Pin UP-Date

I apologize for wait ladies and gentlemen... and now... without any further ado... an update.


Sorry for how messy it. I guess that sparks my first question... this is about 4 sheets of tracing paper. Any suggestions on how to scan a image like that? Or just how to get it on the net at all?

I made some adjustments. It was also suggested that I add some legs. So I thought I'd try that.I'm also posting two versions. It was suggested that I take the biggest heart out. So I tried that out too.

Without heart

What do you guys think? Keep the legs? Lose the heart? Any other suggestions? And how do I scan this thing?


Hey everybody. This is a quick mock-up I did today for dimensional illustration. I'm thinking I'm probably going to make this either a larger sculpture or a sculpey figure (although, those of you who know me in real life also know I never work small). I guess I'm just looking for some feedback on design and such- I'm still a bit new at the whole monster creation thing. I was trying to achieve a sort of carnivorous aquatic animal who has devolved limbs because it relies more on its camouflage capabilities for feeding. I haven't worked out all the detail yet and I was thinking I might add some more plant-life, but I don't want to lose the viewer either in what it actually is.

Just a super quick update since last night.



It's been a while since I have posted anything and I figured I was overdue. For those of you who don't know, I am doing a personal project that will be of 13 cute baby mythological creatures. Here is my first color comp/sketch. They will probably all be simple vignettes like this one. Initially I was planning to paint them in acrylics, but D-Hovey mentioned watercolor and I thought that might be nice too. What do you guys think?


What lies beneath

This is a color/value study for a painting I am prepping in lieu of contest season, and I figured I would get some feedback if the community was willing. 8x10 about three hours, just trying to establish a feel and an atmosphere, something that I've been obsessed with lately. She'll be holding one of those ugly as hell angler fish, like a creepy Flounder for my creepy Ariel. Or Ursela. She is, after all, a squid woman. Trying to keep it all very subtle and glowy, objects fading in and out ominously. The lights in the distance belong to a submarine.