Happy Halloween!


Creature Progress

Some color variants for my main character Furlock in my illustrative drawing story, and some progress pictures of the life size bust I'm sculpting of him.

Childrens book

I hate to fallow all these masterpieces with sketches but I am about to start a childrens book and I skcetched out the pages and wondering if they are working. If anyone has a spare second, I would really apreciat and input. The rest of the pages are here http://nathanwondrak.blogspot.com/.

I will end up going with a lighter line quality, take out the cat and fix some faces, but this is the main detection the boss wanted

This is the only page with multaple pictures on the same page, would that be ok?

There would also me more environments in most but I will watercolor these in a vignette like way. ThankI

MONGOLS! (and Templars.)

I can't believe I finished this one. An hour ahead of schedule. Gotta start getting ready for class, but this was my personal piece for Groff's professional practices class. Wish I had another day to work on it, tighten it up, balance some more, and add to it but I'm all out of time.

Definitely pitched a bigger project than I was able to deliver with all the other stuff going on.


Hello Children, finally got this western thing outta my system. I've had revolvers and straight whiskey and gunsmoke and spurs on the brain for the past few months from first seeing the incredible The Proposition, and picking up The Dark Tower series. This was an open assignment for Prof Practice. Sadly, its not a real event, otherwise I'd be all over that. Thanks for lookin' guys



So yeah, long time no see Oondu. Everybody's stuff looks amazing as usual. Pretty much I just wrote a bunch of stuff describing this piece but it didn't make sense so yeah, heres something. I still have to mess with the planes. Thanks

Here is what I have so far for Groff. I think I am pretty much done but I wanted to get some other opinions before I turn it in on Thurs. I was thinking about putting a pattern on the guy's blanket but I'm not sure. Let me know if anything looks bad I have been staring at it too long, whenever I close my eyes I see green lines.



So heres that baby that everyone seemed to like so much. Let me know if theres anything I could work on before thursday.

Edit: Added a cover layout

The Black Dahlia Murder




Hey everybody, It's been a real long time since I posted any stuff here so I figured I was due. These were two color comps in a series of four for Groffs class that I started last week. They are for a children's alphabet book on endangered or threatened species. I did the comps digitally for him and since I dont have any other digital stuff in my portfolio he said I should just finish them. So these are pretty close to what I think is finished, and I'm not so hot with this digital stuff so as many tips as you guys have, I wanna hear. And I'm going to do them traditionally too once these are all done. weee


Interview with Josh Petker

Everyone should read this! He is an amazing artist, and the things he says make you feel amazing!




SORRY! haha


This is more than likely going to lead into a series of pieces. I need critiques! It is very early in the game though.


successive page roughs

hey all, been productive lately and I wanted to throw these pages up to get some input on them, i haven't included any dialogue so ill narrate. My story is apocalyptic in nature and touches on people who have a lot and people who have very little, which is why the soldiers are futuristic and the man wears street clothes. We have a soldier who got separated from her team mate running up a stair well in a dilapidated parking garage. She discovers she is too late to save her partner, she then notices the man in the dark and assumes he is the one who has hurt her partner.


more mollusk

Here is the final for my typography project. The assignment was to make an image turn into a word so thats why all the letters are not there. It got an A so you guys should be able to read it this time.


Two Characters

Last night I challenged Kevin Havens to a quick Photoshop Character battle. Each had one hour to draw a zombie survivor. After that one, we were both feeling productive still and kevin named the catagory comic book nerd. Good times were had. Although I forgot to shake my can of yoohoo before opening it, and I had a bad taste in my mouth the entire second round.


Comic Cover Comps

Hey all, two comic cover comps I did for the open project in Groff's class. I guess you might call them concept art for my story as it develops. The first one is a giant alien pod that some soldiers have come across after a cataclysmic event, they're gona try to crack it open. I was trying to make them look cautious and more focused on an ambush than being focused on the pod, Groff thought I should make them reacting to the pod more but I don't know, Should I stand my ground on that one? The second one is what the find in the pod and take back to a lad at some classified location im sure. I wanted to make the baby look like all this scarey equipment doesnt fase him in the least bit, sort of being mysterious to grab the attention of potential readers. Class mates picked that one over the pod, but I need to start doing pieces with depth and more than one figure to beef up the ol-portfolio. I dont know, let me know what yall think before I make any decisions. PEACE!


Zoo Sketch Dump

Some zoo drawings from Tardino's class and other nonsense.


Marie Antoinette

This is my color comp for the Open assignment in Groffs Pro Practice class. I posted thumbs a week or so ago so I figured I would post the update. Critiques are welcome. Im still trying to figure out the type...