Heres a drawing I did for a class I'm in. I liked the look of the cross hatching and I liked playing around with all the white dark relationships. I through some color on it to see if I could enhance it a little bit. I think I want to do some more drawings like this. I like the idea of classic beauty and film noir is cool subject matter.



I just finished this a few minutes ago.  I like it, i had another part to go with it but i didn't make enough time to finish that.  i might add on two more panels if i still like this one a month from now.  


Here's an AOI/SOI piece I've been working on in the past few days. I've had the idea for a while, but it took a long time to actually get started. Its title could probably be something like "yellow wallpaper eats ugly sweaters." This isn't a self portrait of my inner conflicts or whatever, I'm basically the only model I could find... what a flattering painting! This isn't finished yet, I have some parts I need to work on. Any suggestions would be great!

Cowboy Carrion

Alright. It's go time. SOI, AOI, whatevs, this baby is there. What do you think?
24"x36" Oil on canvas board.



Attention AOI submitters!  

-We need a confirmation on the pixel size so you can double submit for SOI. We are now being led to believe it's 500 px on the longest side. So we'll confirm that. And new details will be goin ont he poster that will be resubmitted here.  

-Due to my own stupidity, I miscounted the days and the 29th is a Thursday. Alex Alverado for the save. The poster is all fixed up, finally one hundred percent... double checked and confirmed. The one below is wrong. Ignore it. Again. I am so sorry.  

-Lastly, if you find a straggling old AOI poster with the maroon and yellow colors with the submission date marked as the 23rd let us know, and ignore all information on it. In trying to make this easier for you to double submit for AOI and SOI, things keep getting like a twisted game of telephone for us. So, bare with us. We are still on your side.
What you see on posters, and what teachers tell you next week, that's the good stuff!  

We are gonna work out when we can be in the office to take your submissions, and post it on the door of the office. So if we aren't there, take note of a time. That will be there monday for sure, hopefully tomorrow. -Mike


Columbus Alive! December Issue

Alright guys, those of you that participated may not have gotten to see the article for the pieces we submitted. I managed to get my hand on a copy thank god, so I figured I would post it up. If you want a higher resolution jpeg just let me know and ill shoot you an e-mail.

The Fisherman

This is the Final work of my Christmas break! Finished just in time for...well everything. Let me know what you guys think, I still have till Friday to get any revisions hashed out. Thanks!

Oh. and the shot is a bit darker then the original...ill need to take it somewhere with better lighting then my apartment.


AOI Call for Entries. Last Stop.

This poster is wrong... again. Will be updating properly again tommorrow. This is getting old haha.

Alright. you guys better be ready. I'm expecting some seriously good stuff from the regulars around here. Submittal is easy and you can double submit your SOI pieces, barring you still put up some dough for both:

General Details:
+5 dollars in total for up to three pieces. This is a flat fee. Even if you just submit 1 or 2.
+1 dollar additional for every entry after that. 
+drop off your beloved art to the illustration office.

Size requirements:
-resolution of 72 dpi 
-500 pixels on the longest side
-RGB is highly recommended. (CYMK will mess with your colors)

If you place or win you get fame and fortune. Anything you want. Forever. This includes the weird stuff you don't tell anyone about. Alex Lyon will be more than happy to help. Oh and a few prizes. But just how awesome those prizes are depends on you good people. You gotta gamble to win. 

Not only has Alex been volunteering for weird stuff he has found four great judges to accompany the one and only C.F. Payne, who recently got the Obama TIME cover, and is currently found leading our school to victory. All things pending as I hastily make this post. But get excited.

The Judges
- C.F.Payne
- Jared Lee
- Tammie Lyon (no relation to mister Alex Lyon)
- Eric Fortune
- and Steve Meek

It's all coming together. Now pull yourself up from your computer chair. Be proud. Be awesome. Be an illustrator! Then sit back down, and prep some artwork, or even make some new stuff, you procrastinator, and put it on a CD or memory stick and stop by the office. Feel free to submit your SOI and AOI pieces at that time. 

Lastly, Alex feel free to add considering your red leader on this trip to the death star.

FREE POSTER DOWNLOAD! Pick your poison. Fingers crossed colors won't explode.
rapidshare- (max download of ten) 
megaupload- (max download unknown)


busy going nowhere...

Edit: picture- was gona post it ealier, but I couldn't for some reason, maybe cuz I wasnt on my home computer, who knows

Hey all, here's something I did as a portfolio piece. Ive been doing alot of digital painting lately so I wanted to work on my traditional painting chops a lil. This is oil on masonite. A lot of the detail gets lost in the photography, and some areas get real muddy, so Ill prolly touch it up in photo. Let me know what you guys think.


Been doing stuff.

So, I've been doing a sketch like this everyday.  A few more at my own blog. Be sure to check it out. So far I've been ok at throwing up a new one per day.

Also, I really need to update that theme over there. Can't find the template I had. Any ideas on what to put up next? I was thinking something fun like robots or sci-fi in general. Just started watching Eureka. Could be attributed to that.

Also, apologies for ignoring this place over the holidays, and not getting up the weekly themes. Been a hectic break, even though it hasn't been all that hectic at all. 


Just kidding...

Well how's this for a change?


Tribute to Phil Hale, "They shot my pa"

Ah, the break. I have been busy. But that does not stop one's dreams! Or something romantically flawed like that... anyhow, I have been thinking. Yes, thinking. My thoughts read more or less thusly:

Phil Hale is sweet. That one painting he did was sweet. I wish I had a sweet painting like that one, which was sweet. Maybe I should do a tribute to his sweetness, in which I borrow much from his sugary skill to ice my very own artwork cake. All will be deliciously well within the art world. I also want cake.

I decided that my tribute would be damned big. And it would star cowboys. This is a preliminary sketch, where I got down some of the expression and figure, and a little bit of the value structure. It isn't near the contrast I want for the final, it is simply a sketch on tracing paper. I want the sunlight on the cowboy's back to be intense afternoon sun. The light on his face is reflection from the desert sand. Other than (maybe) some subtle buzzard shapes in the sky behind him, this is just as busy as the painting is getting. The hole in his chest may get bigger, I dono. I put this up to see what you guys thought.

Yes, my dad is the model for this. If this happened, I would totally go Silverado on someone's ass.