Partition W.I.P #2

So Alan is pretty much done at this point unless you guys find anything wrong with him.

I just wanted to know what you guys think of Elyra's face and the way I did her scarf, I wanted to try to achieve a loose painterly feel with the flowing fabric altho I'm wondering if I should use a different brush.

Also now you can see better what the basic composition looks like. Any thoughts are appreciated.


Partition W.I.P. #1

Just figured I'd post what I've done so far on the painting ( It's gonna be a challenge to finish this before school starts XD) this is prolly 6 hrs or so. oh and don't worry, the hideous green light won't be quite that overpowering I just really wanted to remember that it's there :P

So far the goals I have for painting are as follows.

1. Paint stylized volumes realistically.

2. Loosen up the rendering where it calls for it (to show motion, and texture)

3. Experiment with different brushes.

so far I used a couple new brushes I made for the hair, and the cloth. (I'm pretty happy with the loose texture on the tunic.)

if you guys catch anything wrong with it at this still fairly early stage lemme know.



Partition Poster

This is my attempt to do the following.

1. Make my lines more dynamic, and show more personality in my characters.

2. Improve the stylization of anatomy whilst keeping it fairly accurate.

3. Create a compact complex composition showing a battle in progress rather than the ever so popular (leading up to, charging at each other, what will happen scenario)

4. Reference more than just a couple artists at once. (Joe Maduriera, Humberto Ramos, Jim Cheung, Burne Hogarth)

Feedback would be great although I've worked on this for quite some time so I will probably only make minor edits if anyone finds something wrong. If anything really major is wrong chances are I'll save the thought for next time XD.

oh and this WILL be painted and I plan to set several goals for improvement for that process, just like I did with this one.


Sea Monsters

Thumbnail sketch for an upcoming art piece. Would like some crits/suggestions before I start on the final sketch.

I'm still shaky on composition, especially that ship. I can't find reference of a historically accurate viking ship at the angle I need it so I may buy a model.
Thanks guys!


summer stuff

This is my character Cornerstone. Here's the original sketch along with the basic color layout. I'm currently still trying to finish a fully rendered version, but figured I'd post this in the mean time


Winter Pirate?

Uh, well, this is awkward. I was doing a study and it ended up as character design? Don't really know. Whatever the case, I really dig how the jacket came out so I'm thinking of maybe revamping it and taking out the hideous pink scarf (It was in the original reference and so I put it in initially and then just never got removed.)

Anyone else agree?


Digital practice

Hi everyone! This is my first post. Just thought I'd put up something I was working on, and maybe get some feedback on what I could work on??? Originally I was going to just overlay the colors over the scanned drawing, but didn't like the face so I went ahead and painted it. I'm going to be doing the same with the thighs so the face does not stand out so much just fyi. Anywho, I hope ya like it!!

Also, if anyone has suggestions on how to make a good brush, it would be greatly appreciated!

*made some revisions. Honestly I dont know what kind of material it is??? i can tell a few things are metal, but some look like leather. thanks for the tips!! Btw, the other picture is NOT mine, but reference.


Latest Challenge

This is my final for the latest on-line challenge over at ArtOrder. If your not on there, but interested it's free for sign-up. It's like a facebook for fantasy, sci-fi illustrators. Fun stuff. Let me know what you guys think.


This is a quick something I did today to break from another piece.



The MAW! one of my many villains, The Maw was born a disfigured child, with grey sickening skin, grotesque proportions and most importantly a large gaping maw (mouth) where his stomach would be. Along with extremely corrosive saliva and a digestive system capable of dissolving anything from adamantium to fleshy human skin. The Maw eats whatever his heart (or taste buds) desires, cars, buildings or people. Nothing is safe from his powerful yet incredibly disturbing jaws.


More Recent Stuff

Here is a commission I just finished as well as 3 character ideas I've been messing with for awhile, if anyone has any critisism or questions feel free to tell me or ask me.