No Place Like Home WIP

This is the line drawing and value study for my no place like home entry. (Via IL Methods)

I'll post again after I finish the first painting session in class.


Cyclops Viking WIP

Here's some head concepts, a character design and mini bust I'm working on for prof. practice class. The final sculpt will be a solid resin cast collectible figure that can be painted.


Hey guys, haven't posted in a while so here's something I finished recently.

Respect my Authoritay

Hey everyone. This is one of my designs for my Design for Illustration class. It's the unity of elements project and my word was authority.


Toy Design

Here's my final action figure design for toy design class as well as some of my thumbnail sketches.



ok...well it's been a very long time since i've posted and mostly due to financial and living situation which has been very tedious. but heres some highlight sketches that i've done in the past couple months that i'll probably turn into finals in due time. in this dump i've explored different styles from children's book illustrators,comicbook illustrators and animators and just simply plain played around. tell me what you think!!


Reginald Edwin Godrick WIP

Here's an alien character bust I've been working on. Almost ready to start detailing him up with the addition of fine wrinkles and pores to bring it to a finish. He is a very wise and refined character who owns a book store specializing in spell books, maps, and scrolls.


Dragon Bird Final