Twelfth Night

Been awhile since I've posted, but I plan on updating so here's a start while my laptop is out of commission. This is a program cover for a Twelfth Night theatre performance for Styles and Concepts.

Blade Runner + Fifth Element = Awesome

Something for Design. I totally missed the point, but said fuck it and kept going. Anyways, I'd like to get some feedback on it. And you people are good at that.

EDIT- For some reasons Blogger wont let me comment, BUt.... Thanks for the crits guys. The strawberry power trails are gone, and I'm gonna define the vehicles a littler better

T-Shirt Designs

Just some designs I vectorized for some T-Shirts. They might end up with background colors but I'm just worried about the designs as of right now. Let me know what you think thanx :D.


The 12th Annual AOI Show 2009

Alright guys, if any of you have been wondering whats been going on with the AOI Show Mike built us an official AOI blog to keep everyone posted. Seeing as the show is Opening THIS Friday April 3rd we now have our first update on the hanging of the show itself. Keep an eye out on campus for our last call poster, and don't forget to share this link with anyone you think may be interested.

AOI Show Blog



character wip

its for comic book i am still working out the final i think the armor needs a lot more work the color is close to what i want let me know what you think


Rock it WIP

Update: Well i made a lot of changes, (thank you Mike) hopefully for the better this time around, i just could get that pose to work the way i wanted to so i had to change it up, and yes her foot would probably be melted to oblivion, but hey shes got super futuristic rocket safety boots on, let me know if the new one works or there is anything else i should address, thanks

Ok so this is alot farther along then what I had last thursday for those of you that saw. I like the drawing right now, havent put the burger in yet, prolly should cuz its a burger place menu. let me know if anything seems off with it. Im wondering if the type is working and if the colors feel right, im only aloud to use white and 3 other colors. let me know what you think thanks guys

Screwing Around

Just got a craving to paint tonight, any crits?

Made some changes, new one is bigger.


These males are single... ladies.

Well. I got a bunch of portraits here. Just to kind of post something. It's been a pretty long time since I have. I'm pretty dang burnt out on doing males. Also, I've gotten a rare itch to do something with more background than character. I hope I can do something with it.

Got some stuff, if you've popped over to my blog, you've seen. Just kind of picked my favorites. Stuff from black and white, styles, sketch-a-days, and sketch-to-death. 

Small note: I've been entirely lazy about getting out invites. I've been putting it off for months. Sorry if I've told you I'm going to send you one, and haven't. 

A Bird and Stuff

I had a conversation with Mike about getting into prints to sell, so I thought I would try something that would maybe sell. There wasn't any kind of planning involved with this, which is odd for me. But you know, just trying something new.




If I were a clown...I suppose I would drink

I'm screwing around with the colors and lighting on this and would love for a few people to take a fresh set of peepers to it.


Dont get burned

Alright so this has been in the workshop for a while now and Im finally pretty satisfied with it. Id like to think of this as step one onto something a little more professional down the line. I like the techinique but maybe it could be stylized a little more. I think the girl is pretty cute but maybe she could be cuter. Ive been told that the biggest problem is context. I thought the coppertone girl was a cute idea but what do you all think. let me know.



A digital painting done for design class.

Does anything jump out to anyone as being an affront to good taste?

(made a few changes)

A New Take On The Nutcracker

Ok, I may not have time to fix it before class this Thursday, but let me know what you guys think. For anyone not in my Styles class the guidelines are to have black, white and no more then two colors besides that. Graphic.

With that being said, it isn't really my thing. But its still kinda fun.


Two of my favorite birds I have found.  Painted these for watercolor class.


Pale Face WIP

Ok, so ive been working on this one for awhile, a lot of back and forth without getting anywhere, This is a big revamp from the train wreck that it was to anyone who saw it, I could use some encouraging words and a bit of help I think before I go back into it, let me know if its something worth pushing further

Tank Girl & Friends

A personal piece I've been wanting to do for awhile of Tank Girl. Who's creator is one of my all time favorite artists Jamie Hewlett. I'm still not done coloring it but I thought I'd post it anyways and get some feedback.


this is my image of the word fear.  I'm stuck,  I need some help.  I like it so far but I don't believe it is finished,  I know the pink lines need to go.


Childrens Book

Hey everyone, these are three color comps for my children's book, we don't have class this week so I thought I would see what you guys think about them. They are all double page spreads.  The one of only the clouds and the one of the two in the grass will have text on them. I havn't found the right font yet though, so it's not on there yet. The full landscape one is the closest to what I want color wise so far, that muted quiet look is what I'm going for. So let me know what you think.


I did this real quick for my portfolio.  It's from a picture of my little sister.  If you guys have any suggestions that would be sweet.


Stealing the West

Here's one of my spot illustrations for styles and concepts. It was for the Aaron Burr article on how he was acquitted for trying to steal the western US. Oh, and by the way, I finally got my blog up earlier this week, so check it out and let me know what ya think.


Self portrait with the Beastie Boys.  Don't know if I'm done with it.  I made this to send to Hallmark, either they will think I'm  the illest illustrator or a complete loser.


Humorous Illustration

Here is a quick comp. sketch for my humorous illustration class. Any thoughts or ideas?



i've been working on this for probably over a month.
iii just don't know. it doesn't look done to me. there's so much more that i want to do/looks like needs to be done to me. but co and my teach insist it's fine. so-- for now at least.


4 FUN + 1!!!!!!

So yeah. I'm really sick of school projects and hadn't really been doing my own projects either. So to get inspired again, I just decided to crank out some good old fashioned Star Wars art. I'd like to think that it's pretty much done, but let me know if there's anything that just really pisses you off. Anyway, I guess I'll call it.........."The Grand Dance of Darth Callus." Sure. Why not.


Okay, since there was mention of music, I'll share what I have so far with you guys. Really the only way I've been able to throw this stuff together is because of my being sick and skipping classes. But anyway, it's a work in progress. Trying to keep with the classic John Williams Star Wars sound which has been a learning experience in itself. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy. You can listen to it here. It's the song called "Confronting Darth Callus (WIP)" (as would make sense with the painting :P) There's also a bunch of other stuff I've done over the years if you haven't heard it already. Cheers!