Outdoor Vaccum Cleaner

This was my Industrial Design of the Week entry. The topic was "vacuum cleaner." I was trying to think out of the box a bit.

I call it "RuggedVac".

It's an outdoor vacuum cleaner for people who own large yards (the kinds of people who would be able and willing to spend the money for it in the first place). It uses powerful suction to pick up all loose organic debris in lawns. It could have different modes, like "fall leaf" mode, or "stray mulch" mode.

All the debris it picks up passes through an elementary grinder that's there just to get the bits to fit in the bag better, as well as to keep anything from getting stuck.

Hope the labeling on the work explains the rest.

Drawn in loose free-hand perspective, rendered with micron pen, finished in PS.

If you have a CA account, why not vote? Here's the link to it: http://www.conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?t=161621

Only 3 other people entered this time :-\ I guess people would rather draw robots than appliances.

It's been a while......

Hey all. Glad to see everyone keeping up with their work! It just keeps getting better and better every time I come out here. It took a loooong time, but I finally somehow worked up the motivation to try and finish a painting. So here's a little piece I started working on during the school year and didn't really get a chance to finish until summer. I'm not really sure how I feel about it and I don't have any idea what it means, but it's at a point where I feel comfortable calling it mostly finished. Anyway, see what you guys think and keep up the sweet work!


Leo Pipe

Ok, currently i'm new to the blogging jig and laptop is currently out of commission, so bear with me i will [post more when time comes.
Ok well this piece is my JE piece that i've been slacking off from so eyah, started with a red lead pencil sketch did a transfer with tracing paper. soon as i got it on a nice piece of paper I used Pipe ash as a charcoal powder and thats how i got the moon the rest i've built up with a little more ash and then started detailing with graded pencil and then finished the piece with black pastel. lotta trial ,little error thank god. Tell me what you think nuggats!!!!!!


Heres two more for the series.  The one with the green is about lucid dreaming.  Whenever I have had lucid dreams its always been terrifying so thats why it is personified this way.  I don't know what the other one should be about I suppose I will have to make something up if I take these to the gallery.  


Sketch book art

Well, I too have been plugging away at this sketch-a-day deal and i wasn't sure if you all would be down for taking a peak but I would love some input on this stuff cuz im pretty excited about it and if i just put it up on my blog I doubt anyone would see it. I apologize for such a large post but i got more than a few. Alot character developement and concept art, all of which is helping me figure out the back story for my eventual graphic novel, also just some cool designs and pinups

Note: some of the images are appearing kinda small so after you click the link make sure you right click and hit view image


First post!

Thanks for the invite, Mike.

Hope summers going well for everyone. I'm down in Florida right now.

Here's something I did for environment of the week over at CA. The topic was "a bridge between two different cities".

I wasn't necessarily going for that classic concept art-ish style-- I was trying to use Painter for something more "decorative" in appearance. I also minimized my use of photo textures by either painting stuff in or using Painters variation in its tools. For example, the roof tiles were made through using a blocky brush under "artists oils" with a teeny bit of impasto depth. (There are like 2 or 3 places where I was short on time and used windows from two royalty-free photos.)

There are definitely some wonky areas in it, as I was pretty rushed when I did it. I might go back and fix stuff though, if it won't take much work.

Additional (but unnecessary) info:
My idea is sort of an industrial alternate reality in which workers in an enormous power plant must "bicycle" their way across a long "track" from a mountain of shabby modern suburban-style dwellings to the monolithic entity. The irony being that even though there's an enormous industrial power plant city across the chasm, they're still having to power themselves! (These are like bicycles, only they, via a chain, transfer the rotating force to a wheel that digs into little notches on the tether and propel the bicyclist forward. Once they get to the other side, they simply detach their "bicycle", fold it up, and store it in a locker area until it's time to return home. One would think that the plant would be so easily able to supply power for a faster (and safer) form of public transportation! By the way, they don't just walk across because the area is so high that the work of returning to the ground and then making oneself up to their work area would be a lot more effort and take more time.

Sorry guys, I know I write too much... :-\


Caution!! Skin-tight latex suits do not function in Outer Space!!

So I finally got off my ass (and sat right back down) to draw something, even if that something had no meaning whatsoever. So this piece is for shits and giggles and as you can see it's still in sketch mode.

The idea is a Spacey Femme Fatal with some nice graphic designs in the back, maybe something you'd see on a graphic T or cd cover for a horribad band. Your choice. Anywho, give me some tips, ideas, and crit the shit out of this thing cuz I'd like to start building a portfolio BEFORE senior year begins. Thanks!


About time I posted something here. I try to keep sketch-a-days off of here, but I always forget to post finals on here. So, I'm posting this. Let me know what you think. I'm aware of some general wonkiness, but I'm far too sick of the thing to go back in and make fixes.

It's about a riot on tvs. Because when set out loud, I thought that sounded awesome. Took forever for me to scan this thing. Not even sure when I finished the drawing at this point.

Anyway. Hi. Expect a news post on here soon, and maybe a new look if I could ever decide what I want to do with this place. It's feeling stale, and to be honest I never got the chance to finish this layout due to homework. I'll announce this again, but I added the very awesome, Alex Lyon, to the administrators list on here and he is responsible for finally getting out some more invites. Thanks Alex.


Lonely Rhino

Finally I am beginning to be somewhat productive this summer. This is just a third part of a series I am working on. The hope by the end of it is that they will feel like similar but not necessarily identical in execution... I don't know, I have never tried to do this before so we will see how it goes. haha. Either way i had fun doing this pieces for the simple fact that this is an adoribly lonley little Rhino.


Another One

Whew. I only had a few days to work on this one, and didn't get truly started until the night before it was due. A bit of a rush, so no shading, highlights, or gradients. Does it need it though? She is a playing card, after all. Let me know what you guys think.


Martian July

Ok, Ive been kicking this around the studio for awhile now and I finally got it to a decent finish. The idea is that aliens have pin up calenders too. So i wanted to give it that vintage look while using only alien looking symbols for it. I think it would be cool to give it a distressed look like a worn out poster but Im not sure how I would do that in illustrator, if anyone knows how please tell me. Other than that I hope you all like this one.
Here is my second piece in a series I am working on that i will submit to a gallery.  I was wondering if the smoke looks right, i was thinking it should be darker or something but I cant tell.  


The Rev

Here's my latest poster. Also, my first post on this blog. Hello everyone!


Heres a picture  of my sister with our chickens  other night i did because I miss class.  Im so silly


You filth !


Creature concept

Here is a second version, the head was just not working.

Although I'm not sure about the new head either. Thoughts?


Just for fun I thought I'd toss these guys up. The first I know some of you have seen--it's my final for Styles, the next one is just a quick sketch, about fifteen minutes or so of playing around on photoshop. Figured--everyone loves robots and dinosaurs, right?

Edit: You'll notice a bit of a drop shadow on the robot...I...really have no idea why that's there, so, just pretend otherwise!



Well here's the finished piece. I've got a detail of it over on my blog. Now I'm ready to start some random summer projects!



Work in progress. Oil + Canvas

It's about life sized, I'm definitely not used to working this large.

Any problems?