snakes version 2.0

Since the last post I tweaked a few things. I also did a few more. 2 of them aren't quite up to par with these, but I'll post them later.


CONTEST:: Create your own 'DELIVERY HERO'

Hey everyone! I know that you are all pretty busy with school stuff but here is something I thought some of the Oondu family might be interested in. It's a fun sorta contest that shouldn't take too much time and you can win some good money! It is being held on a platform called Jovoto that hosts a lot of contests for random illustration and graphic/packaging design. Best part is if you place in like the top 12 ish for most contests you get some sort of cash prize (stated in each brief). I have done a few and the money is nice. So check it out.

.....Everyone needs a super hero! Lieferheld.de (translated “Delivery-Hero”) is such - he will go through fire and storm to deliver your lunch where ever you are - well, at the moment he’s busy protecting peoples’ empty stomachs in Berlin but he will soon come to your town as well! To rescue all creatures that are in need of nourishment at a moment’s notice, he needs real superpowers - and they have to show (hasn’t had the time to worry about his appearance yet)! So if you choose to accept, create a hero that will be feared and loved by many!

You are completely free to choose how you want to present your ‘delivery hero’: From pure sketches and illustrations to a complete video-story - everything goes as long as it gives a clear impression of who your ‘delivery hero’ is.

Up to 5,000 in cash prizes as well as a licensing fee of up to 3,000!

Come and sign up to participate here: Lieferheld
Then have a look at the video briefing-

jovoto Video Brief - Create Your HERO from jovoto on Vimeo.

and to read more about what else is involved with creating a hero: Lieferheld Briefing.


The Prophet


in a world of giant snakes

This is one part of my design for illustration project.


Joe Mad Portrait

This was an assignment for Electronic Illustration that I decided to turn into a magazine cover. It's also my first finished Corel painting. I'm still not sure how I feel about painter...


John Joel Glanton - Blood Meridian

Blood Meridian has certainly become my favorite book recently and I felt the need to paint up another character last night. Was really pleased messing around in photoshop cs5 for the first time on this one. I like the new paint engine but it only feels useful for under paintings so far. I think the next step from here is going to be incorporating colored ink work with this sort of color.

Only one more character from the story I'm interested in doing a portrait of though, and that's Judge Holden. Not sure if anyone out there can ever do him justice. Link to my other blood meridian portrait. I really gotta start posting stuff other than study/quickies on here.



This is a caveman character design I'm going to be using as my new logo, I'll be painting him up digitally so I should have the final character design to post up in the near future.


Slightly Revamped Look/A New Theme

It finally has happened and I've made a new template for the themes and although I can't get the text quite the same, and it is driving me absolutely mental, it's no longer "monsters". So for the few wondering when the next theme was going to be... the time is now. Seize the day!

For those unfamiliar with how this works: it's not a requirement, but an opportunity to post something. A general theme to stretch out your art muscles with and share whatever that is to you. It doesn't need to be a full fledged piece or anything, just have some fun with it.

Plan is to change it roughly every two weeks from this point on. So dream a bit extra tonight and draw something up for us to see, alright?

Also new: 

You can now just type oondu.net or oondu.org to get to this wonderful blog place since I've finally went ahead and got the lady it's own domain. You can use .com if you want directed to the useless page someone is sitting on, doing nothing with, banking on the fact that I would want to buy it from them. Well I guess shame on me for not buying it earlier when the word was dreamed up. Hey person out there, I'll give you five bucks for it.

Final offer.

Quick Skyrim Excitement Paint

With the announcement of a new elder scrolls game, I just about went ahead and have insisted that the week of 11.11.11 will be spent playing nothing but Skyrim. Until then I've been eating the little scraps of information they've released about the game, and while listening to a podcast about it I painted this little speedie in photoshop.

About 30 minutes for this one. Man, that game cannot come soon enough. I'm sure I'll post more of these as more info comes out.