Are you tired of your face?

Little fragments of your eyes or nose making it onto your imagined characters?

Do you lack a sufficient number of friends with faces?

I know I do, which is why I am suggesting a 'take over the illustration lab and shoot reference and critique stuff' day.

I don't know a date that would work, but I do know I want it to happen, and soon. If anyone else would like to do this, for personal or school projects, and they also have a face, then comment on this post.

I have two flood lights, a tripod, a nice (enough) camera, and more poses that need reference than I can shake a stick at. We can make it a party, get to inspire each other, as well as show our influences. I want to be serious about this illustration thing, and I have a feeling you do too.

... well I tried.


Perseus Sketch

The wounded Perseus approaches the Gorgon Medusa without fear. He makes sure not to make eye contact, but is still able to avoid her stone snake arrow's with his trusty mirror shield...but only just. crits please?


Its been awhlie

well as the title says, its been awhile

this piece is something Ive been working on and I could really use a fresh pair of eyes one it please let me know what you think so I can touch it up for tuesday


Whaddaya think?

Frenchie Head Sculpt

Here's my finished head sculpt for Frenchie and a couple other process pics. The sculpt was done in oil clay and molded in ultracal 30, then cast in latex and foam. I'm currently working on his body as he will stand about 7 ft tall when finished. The entire piece will be fabricated with hand layed and punched hair as well as a full costume and a resin sword cast from silicone. Check back for more updates in the near future. With only a little over a month left in the semester it will be pretty grueling.


Looks That Can Kill

This is a sketch for my next project for Groff. It's going to be a resin-kit mock up of Perseus and Medusa fighting. As you know Medusa has looks that can kill, but she also has an arsenal that includes poisonous snakes and a deadly aim with her Indian Bow. But instead of using arrows, I decided to have her use snakes instead. So when she pulls back with the snake in place, she stares into its' eyes and launches the now petrified snake at her victims. Also she never has time between slaughters to get out to Macy's, so she wears the remains of the dead, such as her skull bra and bone arm gaurd. Hope you like :D


hey guys, here's what I've been doing for break so far. Not relaxing yet, still have a bunch of homework to do. any suggestions?


Creeky Closet Monsters

Forgot to post this one up, here's the final drawing and a WIP of the final illustration. I rendered this out and colored it up for class last week the night before, but wasn't totally digging the scheme and the finished quality so I want to go back in and finish it off more for myself.

Always, Only, Ever

Hey illustrators, I'm busting out my thesis film, here is a poster for it


Lion spirit revamp

This is a revamp of one of my old pieces. basically this was a test of my reference taking skills cause the previous version of this piece lacked reference and also lacked skill in use of the program called Photoshop. other than that I believe this turned quite successful

Some mailers for Glick

black and white without back. It a chess board idea on one of those coat of arms shields.

Boating in the cloads... why not?

Pillow King

Here is my painting so far. If you remember the line drawing I posted some odd three weeks back, you can tell she's come a long way. I have yet to paint in the sheet and pillow and finish the curtain/wall, but production of everything else is headed to the finish.

I have probably a good session of painting left on it, and I wanted to get opinions before I put a fork in it.

Two questions: The pants. Change color/contrast/keep them the same? The lamp in the room. Are you OK with the amount of conrast this adds to an admittedly minor element?

Everyone I have bashed with a critique, now's your chance.



Hey guys here are my promotional postcards. any crits?

Quick sketch

And I miss drawing :(


Styles Color

I still have a week before it's due, so crits are definitely welcome.


Death From Above 1979

This is a gig poster for pro practice. Any suggestions before I call it quits?


Styles WIP

I thought I would throw this up for suggestions before I went any further. Crits?


Landscape for Payne

100% stolen from Pocahontas.

Black Dahlia Murder

Here's my second Black Dahlia Murder poster, this time commissioned by the band itself! I don't really have a coherent explanation for the meaning of the piece, but I kind of like it that way. It's a "Choose Your Own Narrative" adventure!


Children's Book Storyboard


cut paper animation

Heres my new animation. I think I will make a longer version for my final project in that class.

Joy cat