The Interrogation

So I am working on a new painting... What do you think so far? Anything that could be better? Anything that is working and should be pushed? It is hard to tell what is going on in this unfinished version. The big gray splotches are going to be hands, so he is leaning on the rail that the hands are clinging to. Also, the gargoyle in the background is from the top of the Chrysler building. In the background will be night time sky. I think the rest should be easily inferred.


Dominance War character

My submission to DW and final project for Mahan's. This was crazy trying to get this to look presentable in time for the contest, thank god they had so many extensions to the deadline.

My character's name is Selena and she's a norm stalker. So she's suppose to be stealthy and fast, so I designed her armor to be minimal for her to be flexible and fast in battle. And in DW we are required to give our characters magical weapons. My characters weapons are two sabers that are powered from a magical gem attached to her back. Also for her to attack varying foes she can change blade types by inserting a different rune into the handles of her sabers. The spare runes are kept on to her hips for quick access.

(don't dock me too bad on the back pose in the modeling sheet, I know the anatomy is off. and that i changed the color scheme of the armor a little from the this sheet to the final illustration.)


I need a little advice

So I'm starting this new painting in my summer class with Kortlander, and I'm starting to wonder a few things about it and could use some creative input. It's supposed to be along the lines of "which face to put on" (kinda cliche, I know, but you'll get over it). At this point, I want to hear if you see it as that or not. Also, if anyone feels like the background (which is gonna be darker) needs anything or if the composition itself needs something else for interest. Kortlander mentioned something that he saw in it, which I can't get out of my head, and wanna hear if that's the first thing you see too. Thanks!

Oh.. and I'm supposed to be starting this tomorrow in class, so any advice would be awesome sooner rather than later.


the characters i did for the final in Styles and Concepts. Haven't touched them since class but wanted to hear any suggestions you guys might have for them. They still have a bit to go in terms of cleaning up the line and coloring. The next set will be some sort of opposing faction in the story so maybe having the two together will work better. who knows...

anywho hope you guys have a good summer, i'll be doing my best to update Oondu on the stuff i do!


Final for entrepreneurial illustration. I went with a Greek Deity theme. This is Artemis, the goddess of the moon, nature, and the hunt. She's always depicted with a stag in ancient Greek art. When she shoots animals with her golden arrows, they become the constellations. Pretty cool stuff I thought. I want to do a handful of the other Olympians in this style this summer.

Teach told me it was about 90 percent there- he said he dint like the face. I agree that there's something funny about it but I cant put my finger on it, maybe I've been looking at it too long. Some fresh eyes might help. Let me know what you guys think. Don't let me down!

Every thing

space pets



Alrighty, here's what I got for my Styles and Concepts final, let me know what you guys think, and let me know anything that could be changed, haha, hopefully it's 80's enough.


ho herm.

A ponderous Rockin' Robin Hood. Final for electronic illustration.


Here are the last two pieces in this series.  I had a lot of fun working on these but now I am really really tired.