Children's Book Characters

Here's a couple character designs for a children's storybook concept project in styles & concepts. The story is about a young boy named Alvin and his imaginary friend Eli. Alvin and Eli are the very best of friends, spending everyday together from morning to night and taking incredible adventures and battling the evil monsters of the creeky closet. Sticking together no matter what and making the days worth living. Yet the time has come where Alvin is growing older and begins to make new friends at his school. It is no longer cool to have an imaginary friend and Eli is beginning to fade away.

Pirate Bear Finish

Finally got a chance to finish this one up amongst my other schoolwork.


Black Joe Lewis

This guy's pretty damn cool. I'd go to the show if I were in town...

I tried to do the whole thing in a Blue Note Record sleeve style. Any thoughts?



:/ @ CCAD - anyone besides Chriss taking printmaking of anyform this year? I really wanna do some print trades- either old work (these from last semester- have others but these are those that are scanned so far) or new ( in advanced print this semester- leave a comment or stop by print lab!).



Been a LONG time....

No I didn't forget about everyone out here on Oondu. I'm just pretty bad at keeping up with things. :P But I figure I'd post up my Movie mash-up assignment we turned in last week for Groff. It's a mix between Alien and the King and I. Awesome work out here everybody! I'll try to get my lazy ass to comment more!


Lost Creature

Here's a creature sketch I did a little while ago and just found in my stack of papers. His name is Gill, a Divercula species that can live underwater and on land.


i have been doing a lot of portraits drawings these days, some for fun, but this one was for Mr. Wang. I added some Ps effects music symbols and textures to make it look more like an illustration.


Hey guys these are some sketches for the home page of my website. Over each mouth will be a link to the other pages. I would like to know which you guys think is best, or if you had any ideas.


Ape Lincoln Final

Here's the final painting, took longer than I wanted, but I'm pretty happy with the result.


Movie Mashup for Groff

New piece among all the others I'm working on

Here's the line drawing for my next piece. it's 30x40, so it's huge. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for palette, from either specific paintings or artists. Always appreciate another brain(s) to help think things out.
Btw, this is a painting about a dream. The sea below is hard to see, but it is the night sky as an ocean. so, black with stars. The island is the moon, and the sky/horizon will be the earth. The bottom of her bed will be a reflection of the sea, so black with stars, rippling from where she is being pulled through.
The guy pulling her is from my poem, the Pillow King, and he doesn't have a face on purpose. I'm thinking his head will also be filled with space. Maybe a specific constellation. You'll be able to see his mouth and eyes, which are smoking.

(i also fixed her right arm where the elbow is low since taking the picture...)


Ska Music!

Jeff Lance Stylee!



Hey guys I think I'm done, but I just wanted to see if there were any suggestions before I turn it in. This is Lord of the Rings combined with Jaws which makes a super lame movie


for shits and giggles.


CCAD kicks ass!

Good job guys. Kick ass and take names at SOI! I'm sure Mike will have all the details soon.



wow-- a long while. i've been completely forgetting about blogspot, both my own and oondu.
first, two of my favourites from the passed few months.


then, two things that i'm struggling a bit with.
the bite picture-- any suggestions, go for it.
and the tree-- hmm. idk. again, any suggestions would be appreciated. just been working on it so long that i don't evne know what i'm looking at anymore x_____x


Pirate Bear WIP

A work in progress illustration of my pirate bear for 3d illustration. Will be sculpting him life size this semester. His name is Frenchie and he is a snobby sloth bear, but a world class swordsman.



My first design for silk screen class, any suggestions before i go through the printing process? I plan on keeping this flat and graphic so i won't add any value or shadows unless i rework this piece int something else.


The Temple Raid

Well, here it is. The update of my assignment for C.F. Payne's class. It's not due till friday, so Let me know what you think while i have time haha.
Here's the animation that goes with the character sketch I put up a while ago. He's kind of a silly Krampus.
These are my characters for Glick's class. The theme was "Rodeo". Initially in my sketches I had each character separate and then Phil suggested I put them all in a scene and from that this is what I came up with. Thanks for the tip Phil. If anyone else has any advice or questions feel free to speak up. :-)


Ape Lincoln

A value study for my first styles project of the semester, combining a famous figure with an animal. Will be painting it digitally, going for a earthy desaturated 1800s style feel for the color.

Glick pic.

In progress... First hwk of Mr. Glick, character design any thoughts?


Mountains and portrait.


Movie Mash Up Comps

Workin on a project that involves making a movie poster by combining two well known movies. I came up with Franken-Patra and Robocop Vs. Barbarella. Heres the comps for them. I'm only gona do one, so help me pick =D


Zombie Billy Corgan

Kid Cudi Gig Poster

Gig poster for Bawidamann's Entrepreneurial Ill class. Not due for another two weeks so I got a head start. I'd appreciate any suggestions.