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Vacation Project #1: The Fisherman

This is just the Color Comp. Let me know what you guys think. I feel pretty good about it so far. I plan to do it Mixed with acrylics, gouache, and maybe some color pencil. The final will be 18x24. I was really trying to use a limited color scheme this time, we'll see how it goes.

And I am still messing with the look of the fish its not quite there yet...


Happy Holidays, Mr. Death!

If the grim reaper lived on your street, you would dick him over all the time with sacks of poo and what-have-you. This is common knowledge.

I had some trouble sleeping the other night and so I did a little speed painting. I figured I should do something over break and I'm hoping to start doing these things with more regularity...this is a little different than the way I usually paint with photoshop so let me know what you think.



xmas gift...possible SOI

EDIT: piture
Well, ive been working on this for a couple of days now. I figured It was to a point where I could throw it up here to get some opinions and such.

I think the theme has affected me a little too much. All I want to do is snow scenes =p
Plus I had this idea for a scene with a woman and a clocktower for quite awhile now so I decided to get it out.

Not much of a story, I just wanted to do something with a sense of ELEGANCE.
II feel like I could put a lamp post in somewhere

Merry Christmas everyone

The Minnow and the Sparrows

hmmm, so. this is... unexpencted.
started as a sketch of one character, but she turned into something else. but liked it so kept going.
she was going to be gutting fish but it turned out to be birds. but kept going.
so now i don't know what the fuck it is 'cept that photoshop HATES the levels and didn't want to make it look right. might be this monitor too. i'll have to go look at this on other comps later. >____>

ANYWAY-- i want to colour it, but i usually don't pull through with that. >______> there's also some sloppy elements that i want to go back in and clean up some even if i don't colour it but [nodnod] i just doesn't feel like a final line drawing because i wanted to add some ripple-ish stuff but would rather do it in colour not pencil. [scratches head] eh....


styles and concepts

hey guys I need some help on this one. I want to submit it but I know it's not done yet. It's supposed to be Gerald Scarfe's style (the guy who designed Pink Floyds animations on the Wall. )

Japanese Ghosts

EDIT: So, I took a screenshot and the colors are fine it seems. Photoshop is doing something weird with color profiles. For shame.

I've been doing a speedpaint per day of break. Here's three of them I kind of designed to go together. All of them were rather quick, except for the fat man, who I got caught up rendering the face of.  

I have a few other little things, but they are more practices in some more dynamic drawing than anything. These are more, easy concepting, and me going back to my old brushes for a bit.

Sidenote: The colors dulled quite a bit again when blogger got it's teeth on this. Anyone know why? My actual png is fine. Did it my last post too. It's really annoying. I can pull up the png in preview, and hold next to this, and it is noticeably greyer... it's always done it alittle, but now it's really messing with my pictures.



This is my idea for SOI. It is the myth of the Minotaur. I wanted to make it really stylized like Greek pottery and keep with the black and gold color scheme. I think the background should be black with gold figures. The pattern on the top and bottom is supposed to be the heads of some of the Minotaurs victims. I can't ask for a critique yet i'm still just trying to get ideas, if you guys have any suggestions that would be awesome.



Skechbook pro is very nice this is a test to see what it could do




Here's my entry to the alive contest. I rushed like crazy to get this out before midnight.

Good luck to everyone.

Why I don't do happy things.

I must say... was pretty miserable doing this one. Hate how it came out. Posting it anyway to document that I can actually do smiles. Colors dimmed when it was compressed. AH WELL.

On an unrelated note... I need to do something with feet.



Here is my final for Clary's class.

Pillow-Head VS Snooze Robot

An epic battle between Pillow-Head and the Snooze robot . My inspiration for Pillow-Head was when Jake put a pillow on his head and ran around our room at Illuxcon. The rest is a close interpretation of what I go through to wake up in the morning. Also this was done for Styles and Concepts which I didn't go to. Hope you like!


Mr. Sandman

This is one of my society pieces.  It wass for black and white illustration and it is done in pen and ink.  The scan doesn't really give it justice, but anyways I would appericate some feedback.  Thanks

Humorous Final Reporting in.... I had fun with this. I think my favorite thing was trying to get it to match those old Grindhouse movie posters from the 70's. Hope I don't offend anyone!


The Don... is not pleased. Updated.

Edit: My buddy came over and took a photo for me. This is what is going to print more or less for class. It's a bit saturated, but a much closer representation to what I have in real life.

The don... is not finished. But finished to the point of being able to visit Mr. Boley, and persuading him. If you know what I mean.

And not in the sexy sort of way. 

I'd say the face is the only thing really on it's way. Literally everything else is very WIP. Oh, it's all acrylics thus far. Again no ref. So don't pick on the hands too much. I will indeed be shooting reference. Gonna use my dads hands. But he's three hours away.

Mermaids at Seaworld!

Finally got my Humorous piece finished. I know there are several things I need to work on still but due to deadlines... ill be lucky if I can get to both this and the fixes needed for my Aztec piece. BUT that doesn't mean you can't point out everything wrong. After all what else is this damn blog for?

The blog is for awesome times. Fun times. Anything that falls between those two. I would estimate the awesomeness of this board somewhere between Gisele Bundchen and the sun. And yes... I can edit posts. -Mike

By the way I realize its not a very funny illustration.

help me out....

Hey all, i need some advice before i say im done with this one, so i wanted to throw it up for a quick crit before thursday

also i have two flavors, one is regular one is panoramic, which do you guys like better

id like to here from as many ppl as possible, but i know time is short and this is the wrong place for this kind of art, but help me out...


New Comic Page

Just finished this up tonight. The second comic book page of my 13 wives story. Technically not the second page in the whole story, but for the class, it is the second page. It's annoying to me that I can't ink it. I really, really want to ink it. It would be so much easier to read without that visual noise. Lemme know what you think. Not a whole lot happens on this page, it's mainly just a intro page for this character.


WTF! ~Winged Teddies of Fury!~

So here it is. The finished SOI piece for Mahan's class. My projects for this class seem to be following a pattern of initially crashing and burning, then me having to scramble to save them somehow. I started out doing this traditionally with acrylics and colored pencils, but after about 2-3 hours of working on it, I realized that the surface I was working on was just absolutely no good for the technique. And thanks to finals week, there just was no time to try and redo it traditionally. So the computer saves my ass again! Oh well. Hope you guys at least get a kick out of it. :P

hrrmmggg. art funk retardation HELP :D

sooo i've been in this majour art-funk-rut-RETARDATION for like 6 months now, so been having issues with just about every project-- personal and otherwise. x_____x HERE'S A SHINING EXAMPLE!! :D

i don't think it's 'finished' but coey keeps yelling at me that it's fine. might be that i've been so enamoured and emersed in detail background/scenery for so long that i can't look at anything simple i make and feel it's 'finalized'. regardless, thought i'd ask--

any suggestions?


Roughly Finished Knight

Quick Edit: A speedie I did as a warm-up for today, before I get painting. Started it last night when I couldn't sleep, added highlights and a few more scribbles today.

Finished it up as much as I will for class. Getting this to print halfway correctly will require an act of god. Lot of things I wish I could do, fix and work on, but I have to crank out another painting tommorrow and tonight I have to get some more LA class stuff done. Figured I would just throw it up on here. 

All photoshop from start to finish. No ref.


I have returned

Its funny how that suggested theme over there gets in my head without me really knowing it, I didnt have any intention of making something for it, but it just hit me so I decided to throw my hat in the ring, let me know what you guys think

the other one is a final for humorous, im gona say that its done unless you guys convince me other wise, and yes i know that its late for a halloween pic

anyway i hope you guys like this stuff and give me lots of good comments and such - peace-


Well, if everyone else is doing it...

Well, it has a long way to go, but I'm relived I finally have it started. Things that will be getting fixed and added... The 30 or so demons/spirits with twisted wodden masks on, fixing the really wonky spirit in the middle of the comp, and some arrows and blood plugged into the main character. Since everyone else is posting theirs I just felt I had to. But yeah, very heavy WIP but due to other homework I have to stop for the night.


So, for SOI, the popular vote out of my ideas was to do a group of kids running with a flying pirate ship, over a sidewalk--while I still like the idea, the piece itself was going...badly. A few people had brought up divers, and the idea appealed to me, so I figured I'd give it a shot; what started out as a bored sketch ended up as a SOI piece that I actually had fun doing, go figure! Gotta thank Alex for yelling at me to do something I'd enjoy doing, mm-yup. So, tell me what y'all think!


This is my most recent work for a book called Troy. It is about two sisters in the city of Troy before and immediately after the fall. If I had more time I would balance all the colors accurately in the photo, but as it stands this is more or less representational of what the piece looks like without type. Whaddaya think?


Aztec Sacrafice

Alright guys, here it is. More or less. It's getting there, and I think I need an eye opener. I have been looking at it way to long. haha. Due to other things I need to try to get this done by this Thursday.

On a side note: I did play with moving the arm in the top right corner to be coming in from a bit higher but it looked a tad awkward. Sooooo I just left it the way it was. I'm pretty sure its mostly tightening things up and adding detail but let me know either way...


Two Red Suns

Edit: Can't sleep. So I did a really quick speedpaint. I really loved painting it. At the end of it though, I can feel Ashley Wood's resent haha. I can't wait till I have a new tablet. This squiggly line/no control thing is getting old after about a year.

Two new things. The first is based on the memoir "No Name Woman". It came out rather clse to how I wanted. I doubt I will change much more about it. The second is a sketch on bristol I started for a bookmark.

I never really did any kind of pin up girl but this is my take on the whole thing .