What can I do to make it better?

Armor Concept plus page 2

Well I hope everyone had a nice "break" I know I enjoyed writing papers and fun stuff like that, anyway, here is something I managed to cook up while not writing, im thinking it would be funny to slap it on my invoice, that way, people will be sure to pay me for a job when they see this guy. COMMENTS PLEASE!


evil kitties

This was my other idea for Groff's music ill project. It's the song Lucifer Sam by Pink Floyd, I read that the song was about Barrett's girlfriend and the cat was a metaphor for her evil side. I thought I might use this for SOI, so if you guys have any suggestions, I am listening attentively.


WIP: Demon Heart

Two of the three characters I'm creating for a professional practice piece; the third is a panther-headed man hahaha. I know they need some more touch ups but I'm not sure what to do exactly besides pull out m ore highlights. Any suggestions?


Heres my groff project. Rolling Stones - Paint it Black

Keep your Head

Heres my finished white rabbit design. why did i pick that song? so i could do alice in wonderland stuff of course. see if you can find the drug use references

Bad Moon Rising

Here's my 60's song assignment for Groff. I didn't really have a particular song in mind while doing this... pretty much just wanted to do a Vietnam picture. It turned out to be a bit of a rush job, but in the process I ended up with quite the collection of self shot and found vietnam reference.

Song: Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival



It's been a while since I touched some real paint. Let me know what you think.


Wip wip

Landscape assignment
any suggestions?

Concept for Benefit Show Poster

I need to fix around the edges and give the girl some room to hold her guns. I hope you can tell which things are place holders (flowers, revolvers, jagged shot blast things, the place holder type!) I am going to put some more tattoos on her and figure out what I should do with the background. I don't do graphic things much, but I thought I would give it a try since it's been a while. :>


A Boy Named Sue

This is my 60's song project for Groff. I chose to do "A Boy Named Sue" by Johnny Cash. The project isn't due until Thursday so I was hoping to get some feedback before then (it seems a little dark right now).


Concept Sketch - The White Stripes

I am going to try and beef up my editorial portfolio. Lemme know what you think. Just a concept sketch! I am planning on painting it 16 x 20 on gessoed massonite!


The Internet


logo works


Very Random

I decided to ink an old sketch. Not sure what it's about, I think it had something to do with the creation of the Easter Island sculptures and this guy was their model.......u gotta use that ref!


Cave Yeti Revisited

I decided to finally go back into my cave yeti piece to detail and tighten it up to a more polished finish. Also my final character design process for Furlock.


Wip wip wip

"The Internet"


Sorry, I cant help it...

Ok, so I know that no one in this community like manga as much as me, but hey, we all have our obsessions. anyway, i wanted to get some feed back on these two recently finished pieces, one is for comic book and its a page 1 of 2 layout, the other is some what of a self test that ive been preoccupied with, just a cute girl with some cool lookin clothes, i thought it had a russian type feel so what the hell, she killed a bear, i was debateing whether or not i should put some blood and gore on that knife,

OK Go ... Progress

Late night workin' (as always.) Any suggestions?

Updated at 9am.


This is another assignment I did for Chris Paynes Class. We were assigned 2 words and had to illustrate them in 6 hours. Mine were silent majority and this is what I came up with. For the whole assignment being limited to six hours I am pretty content with what I came up with. The piece is done in acrylics with a little bit of color pencil. I think if I went back through I would fix the shadows and add more fleas. What do you think?
Yay for my second post! I feel again a bit weird about this painting also. Once again they are very at their original size. Does anyone know how to get images of oil paintings on your computer without them looking like crap. Every attempt I have made does not look as good as the original. The sheen the oil paint has in certain places reflects the light of the scanner and does funky things to the image. It drives me crazy and if anyone has a solution to this problem please let me know... thanks!

My first post ever in the history of my blog is an oil painting of Micheal Jackson. It is a very small painting and was originally intended to be for a stamp. The project was for Chris Payne's class. Honestly I am not a big fan of this piece and I am not quite sure why.... I have spent a long time without looking at it and I still don't know quite what is odd or off about it but there is something a bit strange about his face in this painting(and in real life). I was hoping I would get more of a crit on this piece but I guess that is what you guys are for so feel free to critique away! :-)

P.S.- If you click on these images they are HUGE and need to be resized. What you see in the post is closer to the actual size of the original painting which is only like 4 inches on its longest side. I will fix these later.

Comic Page One (Banana-rama-bonanza)

A re-imagining of the classic tale of the genetically altered gorilla with Wilhelm Steinitz's brain being experimented on in some lab several miles below a Danish McDonalds. Things never seem to work out for that guy.

This is page one of a two-parter and I wanted to see if I could get any feedback. THANKS.


Add VideoI was thinking that brains are like little suns because they are always active and moving, and sometimes they are really bright like a nova, or imploded like dead stars. I thought it would be cool if you could see brain flares when someone was thinking really hard. I was imagining little solar flares jumping out and sticking to things.


Anyone want an Oondu Icon?

Hey guys, I decided to do make a little oondu link for my blog and I figured I would share the javascript for anyone that wants to add one too.

Just go the page layout section and add an html widget to your side bar. Then type in the following highlighted script:

Title the section if you want but when you post it, it will look like this:


Blood Trail

A sketch I thought I'd share for the Halloween season. It's a lobotomized lunatic chasing his wounded prey to their ultimate demise! Buwahaha!


Feedback needed

So it's been a while since I've posted to Oondu, but I thought I could use a little bit of advice. I wanna go into this digital painting I did for Groff's class a little more because I'm not completely happy with it yet. It's supposed to be for a magazine article about prejudices, and I wanted to do something a little different with it, so I made some antlerphobic people around a guy with antlers (you know, the first thing that just kinda pops into your mind when you think about prejudices... haha). I'm thinking about bouncing the color around a little bit in the characters and possibly cleaning them up a bit too. Any thoughts out there that could help?

Oh, and I also updated the blog, so head on over and lemme know watcha think!