comic page

yo yo how you all doin, I hope well. Here is a comic page i was workn on, The value, and color. Criticizes would be very nice. Over all, I like the value study more... atmospheric. Thanks!


Reciprocal Design WIP (&NPLH final)

Here is the final of my NPLH entry "Welcome Home"

This is my latest project for Design for IL.

The assignment was to create a composition that reciprocates in both color and shape. (basically something along the lines of a yin yang)

We drew words out of a can to see what our subject matter would be. I got Create/Destroy so I went with a theme of two mages creating golems to destroy each other :3

Here are the design sheets I made for the mages and golems and below that is my WIP ofthe final (prolly between 70-90% done)


Tree Ent Sketch

Relatively quick sketch for a new painting.


No Place like home WIP3

Ok well I'm very close to being done (depending on what kind of feedback I get) although I could probably noodle away at this for the rest of the year. It's feeling fairly complete to me.

Let me know what you think could use some more attention or less attention. Probably about... 16 hrs on this so far.


Cyclops Viking Finished Sculpt

Just finished up molding this little guy and will hopefully have a painted resin copy to post up soon.


No Place like Home WIP2

Here is about 5.5 hrs of work done in class. Just the flats for everything and starting to render the archway. The value shifts in the stone will probably be a little more subtle in the end. I experimenting with a couple new brushes for different textures I'm think this may lead to completely painted texture as apposed to stock photo texture overlays.


no place like home value study

In Illustration methods we are doing a piece for the "no place like home" show. In this, she is daydreaming about home, when she was little.