Here is my typography project. the assignment was to do an image transforming into a word. its a picture of a mimic octopus, i think i will paint the final in gouache. tell me if you can read it. I would really appreciate any suggestions.

Pirates for Payne

Behold my finished assignment for C.F. Payne. I turned it in last week because I was out of town this past weekend. but I figured I would go ahead and post it.


Character for styles


Character Bust

This is my main character for my story for illustrative drawing. I'm also sculpting a life size bust of him for 3d illustration. He is a Culiye, a faun like creature that despite is appearance is quite timid. It is up to him to save his race, and his world from being destroyed.


Too Long

Hey all, Now I know you've all been so so sad that I've been away for far too long, but buck up chaps, I'm posting again. Anyway, all delusions aside. I finished this up early this week, I think it looks pretty good but I think some fresh eyes always help. If you catch anything I can fix it before thursday. And hey, this goes well with the suggested theme to so bonus.


Attn: Kevin

Here's my suggestion. It's just a scribble, but the band should definitely be facing away from the viewer, and you should definitely include lots of wires (and duct tape!) to really sell the idea that he's a roadie. Maybe you could even have a few steps going up to the stage, as opposed to just a flat plane as well. Putting him below the band would help make him look lower on the totem pole.

Good job thus far! Nice texture work.

Professional Practice Makes Perfect

Alrighty, this is my piece for Groff. The idea is he's a roadie, whom while the band is up on stage rockin' out, goes into his own zen by jamming by himself backstage. Because of the perspective on him I'm gonna have to get very creative with the background, any suggestions would be a big help. Good to be back in the swing of things and having stuff worth posting and looking at. Thanks for lookin guys


Monster Mash

This assignment just happened to fall under the creature category, so I thought I'd post it. I've never had so much copy to work with before. It was quite the challenge finding places to put all this information. Let me know what you guys think!

that boy


killer cat

did some touch ups on it



Hey guys, animation is so sweet. I am loving that class. Here is my second project.


Faster, Pussycat!

Just a little something I did for shits and giggles. Rosie from "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!"

I had some type at the top with the title but Blogger is being difficult.



kill kill

Where the Red Fern Grows

I'm not sure if this is done. Let me know if anything should be corrected.



Trying to push myself with digital painting.

Animal Insider Illustration

Here's a logo illustration for a questionnaire called "Ask Greg & Bobb" in a local newsletter called Animal Insider. My girlfriend Justine is redesigning the entire newsletter so I helped out by replacing some of the clip art they used to have with illustration.

Demon Bust

Been messing around with zbrush a little bit lately, trying to get better at 3d modeling. Here's my first try at a bust in zbrush.


Where The Wild Things Are

Hey everyone, first post here, sorry I haven't posted anything since joining, been super busy. Anywho, this is a drawing of my rendition of the book Where The Wild Things Are for my styles and concepts class. I'm painting it digitally with a combo of painter and photoshop, so I'll post the final up when it's finished.


just wip it

photo shop studies


Childrens book cover

This is for a real book and i wanted to have this done by Monday. If any on can critipue I would really apreashiate it. Thanks

WIP: Illogical Space Wear Continued Progress

All I have to say is I'm glad I picked this back up today...I liked the sketch a lot but felt I didn't go in the right direction. There's a change in facial expression, hair, color and pose and I'm enjoying it much more now. Also a detail crop that I might use for my branding assignments. Oh and there will be background elements but i'm focusing on the figure right now. Any comments/suggestions?


Duck Tank Goose

A design comp i made for a future screen print/ T shirt, a different view of "having a monkey on your back." not sure exactly what I'm going to do with the bear's color or with the background..i kinda put a weird "city" scape in the back because the figures were just floating there.

**** Yes I know the crop is all kinds of shitty, but honestly I just ran off the "paper" and left it like it is. It will be a vignette.****


Moby Dick

Here's the final illustration.

Here is my comp for the styles book cover.

I could use some feedback.

New Theme: Creatures/Monsters

Sometimes I cannot believe that I haven't put up a theme like this before. It was time for the mechanical theme to go away, and I definitely had to box up the birthday decorations.

This one is pretty self-explanatory and most of you are doing stuff like this already. I do want to say that the nice stuff is just as welcome as the gross creepy crawly stuff. Have fun with it.

I don't have any site related news today, just a new theme.

work in progress

These are pretty loud colors, i wasnt expecting this, just a skecth so y not mess with crazzy color. I still have alot of cleaning up to do because it is not done. I was also thinking about putting a gold or royal purpul design or logo on the flags and the chest plate. What do u think. (sorry about the bad spelling)



I am in need of portrait models. If anyone wants to be drawn by me, send me a picture of yourself! I am really into very blank expressions, so the more blank the better! Haha! My email is angieandrewsillustrates@gmail.com. I am doing a series of silver point drawings, so hurry if you want me to do one of you!