Here are some more of what I'm calling Serfs.


Lion Rider

This is a personal peice I'm working on. I went back to drawing fully fledged lines for once instead of straight painting like I have been. I forgot how much fun it is. Anyway I wanted to make this able to be cropped 2 different ways so that it could be a smaller vertical composition but then also a landscape with a character in the foreground to be used as a wallpaper or banner.

There are few things I would like critique on.

1. Does anything in the lines look awkward to the point where it may not be fixable when painted?

2. Does the smaller vertically cropped composition hold up with most of the sword cropped out?

3. If anyone has suggestions for a location or object of interest that I could put behind this character in the background I'd love to hear them. Right now I've pretty much just lightly sketched some rolling hills and large rocks and a cave but I feel like it could use something more like maybe huge pillars with glowing runes or something.


The Frost Archer

Yo.. been forever since I even checked this blog. Sup guys!

Something I finished today and was fairly happy with:

Hope everyones doing well. Let me know whats been goin on!



This is a gaga piece I created in order for her to possibly use for V magazine!



sometimes my dreams are like this, or worse. Decided to try some different inks. I used several layers of watercolor with salt to make the background texture. At first the texture was really pronounced, but after the third wash it became more blendy and the salt permanently bleached little spots which was kinda cool. Just a fun short thing to start summer.