Important Info for anyone who posts their work online

I just wanted to mention that The Orphan Works Act is still being kicked around in congress. Even despite everything going on in our country right now, Capitol Hill is still trying to screw us out of our own work. This is something I feel very strongly about and if you haven't had the chance to read up on what it is here's a link (http://capwiz.com/illustratorspartnership/issues/bills/?billid=11320236) I will let that explain everything.

But if we want to keep up this blog and have ownership over our posted work we have to get in contact with congress and the senate to make sure this DOES NOT get passed. Senators continually wait til the end of the month in hopes that congress will pass it without a second glance, and as distracted as our leaders have been recently, they have a good opportunity here. I have another link here so that you can take action now and send your congressman a message. Please take a minute and get your opinions out there. Thanks for reading



Gentle Giant....OOH IT'S A DUCKY!!!

Yet another summer sketch I have on my own blog but I need some crits on it. my idea was to show an anthropomorphic elephant warrior on a deserted battlefield (even though i completely forgot to illustrate dead corpses and such in the bg >.>) with a gentler side to him...hence the duck. :P anywho, i could really use some suggestions on improving my armor and the background because I fail hardcore when it comes to scenery. I also started cleaning up the one on the right, should I continue that way or keep it sketchy? Any and all comments will be appreciated!

Dexter and I am Legend Cover

So it's only fair after prodding everyone to post that I post something myself. 

The first one here is my Dexter Characature for humorous illustration. I did a really quick edit and pushed the background back a tiny bit more so it wouldn't be as flat. Lemme know what you think, it may be too late to save it, but I wouldn't mind trying.

The second thing here is my I am Legend cover. I'm not crazy about this one, if only for the fact of how far off track I ended up from my color rough. I attempted to stylize the characters, and in all my zooming in and out I lost the moment. All of which were hasty decisions scrawled on 3 hours before class. Both of these didn't get the time and attention I should have given them, so hopefully I can give this next two assignments for the hell day. 

Sorry for the awkward post layout, but I accidently moved the first upload of the book cover and of course blogger deleted the picture html. This was the best I could get it haha.

Hoping to get some scans from my sketchbook up later for some future critique on a possible SOI/AOI piece and general sharing. No guarantees, I should be working on my comicbook stuff.


Harold, Spike, and Fat Tits... lol

Ok, so I had to do something for the new theme, Horror/Death... come on... how could I resist. Any way, here's something to keep my interest in art peaked, things were getting stale... let me know what your reaction to it is, is it worth pursuing for a finish piece? bout 2hrs, prolly call it Herald of End Times

This one, however, is a pin up piece im planning on working on for a finished piece. This of corse is just the lines. Its not to late to make changes to it cause im not commited yet, let me know what you think about how I should go about it with colors, or if there is anything wrong with the design. Think cirqe de solei clowns...



Here's the latest for my project for the Ron Tardino. I figure I've already told most of you guys what I'm doing, but for those of you who don't know, or don't remember, my story is basically a "samurai-western" story. This is an interior concept for the saloon where we first meet the main protagonist of the story. Tried to get some subtle japanese/asian influences into the architecture.

EDITED!!! -- tried to get that chair to look better (not sure if it is though). Also played with the wall stripes a bit, but the same little phenomenon keeps happening. I think it's just the fact that all the little stripes in the pattern I used are sort of blending together as they recede in perspective which makes them look more spaced apart than the ones up front. Oh well I guess.

AND A NEW ONE! -- of a significantly lesser quality :P

Here's an exterior shot of the same saloon. It's pretty rough at this point, but I just don't have the time to keep working on it for now. It's finished enough to show Tardino for now I suppose. I honestly don't really know why I decided to paint these seeing as I want my final project to be a black and white graphic novel.......Oh well. Practice I guess.



I have yet to draw anything new worth putting up here so I figured I'd post this. It's a little character design idea i had over the summer that I never really posted anywhere. Done in Painter. The original character was shirtless but I got bored during the whole process and put that shirt on him to test it out. I got some positive feedback from people about it so I may try and beef it up into a Threadless design, who knows. So throw a critique on me, tell me what you guys think :P


I'm working on a little Christmas present for my sister. I've always wanted to try a black and white grisaille with color glazes. The grisaille is still a WIP, I know the hand is still super wanky.

Does anyone know anything about color glazing? Or would anyone have a list of transparent pigments?

The Dead Shall Rise!

So, it's new theme time...

This time again I wanted to go with something extremely broad. Then I widened the theme more so with a slash. So go get some gut wrenching reference and draw up something grotesque. 

The new theme is Horror/Death.

Horror is rather straight forward, but I just had images of nothing but zombies flooding (if you can call it that on here) the blog. So, I opened it up to "Death" as well, which personally strikes up much more imagery, but goes rather hand in hand with horror.  So fun times be had dammit. We'll probably all end up drawing kids when we graduate so take advantage now and channel the dead.

Board stuff::
So I am absent minded and forgot to invite quite a few people I told I would. Do not feel bad, I will get them out. Stupid wind screwed up everything, including my internet. 

Secondly, I would like to let people know that you should post stuff from classes, even if the majority of regular posters on here have seen it. It won't hurt, and more than a few teachers and other students check this thing. So make us look good, and not like a dead community. Doesn't hurt to comment again, cause heck if I remember half the crits and I get in class. And comments give warm and fuzzies. Be nice, give warm and fuzzies. 

Thirdly, again about posting, feel free to post work in progresses, finishes, speedpaints, sketches and if you want, even some shoutout stuff from time to time about other artists and students. If it ever got annoying I could start another dedicated blog for it. Stuff is free. 

So that's it.


I know some of you have seen this, but feel free to comment on it with impunity, those who havnt, let me know what I did wrong.


Washington's Little Secret

I like to think that this is something that Washington would have given Martha as a gift. But in actuality this is something I did for Boley. It's a play on the Vanity Fair photo shoot with Miely Cyrus. Look it up, it makes it better. haha.

This is acrylic and color pencil, with just a touch of digital to pump up the contrast for that "rustic" look.


Hunter in the Dark

Alrighty, so, I decided to do my color comp in painter, finishing in photoshop. First time doing anything this adventurous digitally, and seeing as how the folks on here seemed to be pretty skilled with the computer I figured this would be the best place to get advice on the final design, layout, color, etc. I got some input from Mike earlier, he suggested making the figure larger, which I think helped out a lot. Anyhow, anything and everything y'all got would be great! I'm still not entirely sure on the typeface for the final, but...I'm workin' on it. 

Planning to do the final in acrylics, so if you guys have any advice in that regard, by all means let me know! 

Book Cover Final And Side Project

This is my final book cover for the first project in Styles and Concepts. Since I still have time, I am open to revision suggestions.

I would say in all this is a ball park of like...16 hours ish in this as it stands now. I'm happy with it, though am still a bit iffy about the cliff faces. haha that one nearest has been painted over completely like three times...

The second piece I posted is just something I started for fun and kinda hit a wall on so it is now open to a needed crit. Any suggestions are welcome I would hate to scrap it but I just may.


One Speedpaint, and some junk.

So, here is a speedpaint that's been sitting on my computer for awhile now. Just made the last few changes to make it postable. 

These are two headache inducing things I'm putting in my probably never gonna finish pile. Both are rushed to the point of to finish them I have to do a mini overhaul. I was halfway through over hauling batman (the legs and hips, oh my) but I still like it. The western piece was coming along until I found a more fun way to paint digitally, and I think it's just boring even if it was meant to be a bit of a piece of firsts: first full back ground piece, first crowd scene, first colored thing that wasn't half-assed. So, to the graveyard with them. 

If I ever scan them I'll be posting about 8 sketchbook pages I rather like. Although most of you have already seen them.