Boobies n Amputation :)

Boobies and Amputation!
Heck, why not.

3/6 drawings I did in comic class cuzzzz hate the teacher and like hell I'm doing actual work in class- HAH! no! lets draw boobies and missing bits!- I told myself. SO- I did. there's a couple more but these were my favs.

mmmmm pretty body bits. =w= :heart: be it monsters or boobies- I love drawing squishy nasty things.


Snowman take over

So I havn't had too much work lately so I decided to do something for the theme. I wanted to try an take communism and see if I could make it almost cute. This is what I came up with, I don't do all that much work digitally so any tips on that is always nice. Other than that, enjoy.

WIP and Speedie

Here is my WIP of my SOI piece. All acrylics so far. May just push the acrylics till the end. So far they have been nice. 

Not really far enough along to ask for crit though. Will say that I didn't take much time to photograph. Have a few more steps on my blog up until this point though.Half Satisfied with this speedpaint. Came out stiff and awkward, but I liked the colors in the end. Gonna give it another go here soon with a more dynamic character. Also here is my WIP of my SOI piece. All acrylics so far. May just push the acrylics till the end. So far they have been nice. 



This is a WIP on my first AOI piece. Some good criticism would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, it's about sexual frustration. See if you can spot all the clues!


(what do you mean by overexposure?)

I think this will be the final. If you still see anything wonky, let me know


Son of the Mob

Well hi. This is David Hovey, and seeing as I am new here I suppose a quick contribution is due. I'd love some feedback on this cover I did for the book, "Son of the Mob." Here it is with and sans typography. Mind you, one pic is better than the other, that will be remedied!!


shy's not dead

yeah-- so--
i've been pretty much unproductive. >_____>
between tired and being [cough]discouraged[cough], i've been drawing two lines on a pic, then putting it away for a week.

this one i've been looking at and doing nothing on. =___=;; i'm afraid to touch it, cuz i like it. don't wanna fuck it up.

this one-- i'm at a loss of what to do-- i wanna put arrows in her back and have drizzling blood, but to 'finalize' it-- eh, donno. kinda want to make the blood bright fuck-off red but i don't know how to make it into a full final? /making no sense.

WiP for fairytales class. doing a full-blown illust for it cuz i like it aaaand was an excuse for shy to draw gore. :D
50% done? maybe 40%? [shrugg]

lastly-- something i did for comic class while back. 'nother excuse to do personal work for a grade. didn't like how it came out so still working on it. noooo where near finished.

mmmmmyeah. BAI.

The Red Scare

Hey guys, i just noticed that the theme has changed so i figured i would go for it.  Awesome theme Mike and it's good to hear that oondu is getting so much press.  Well this is some of my Czarist collection.  This first piece is a oil painting that i started this summer and just haven't been able to get back to it, with school and all.  The piece is of a russian fighter and it's about 80% done but i'm at a serious standstill right now and i can't figure out how i want to finish it.  So i need some feed and ideas.  The second piece is just a self portrait of me with the USSR flag behind me.  I did this last year in painter, so when i saw the new theme i decided to post it.  Thanks


New Theme: Soviet/Snow

Now that we have had our first "snow" in Columbus I think we needed a nice topic to fit that. Also, this is about the time everyone goes crazy russian, so it's a double topic. Here's looking to the few and brave that open the windows in the middle of the winter and blast the theme from "The Hunt for The Red October".

It just seemed like the other theme had run it's course, and to be honest, I got really sick of that picture of the skulls. But I'm expecting some cool stuff from this one. Especially since I know some of you will finally have some time to do some stuff over Thanksgiving break. I for one, will actually be participating in this one, since while the last one was right up my alley, I somehow missed it. For the next theme after this I have to put up a Christmas one. Have to. But it'll be short lived. For the month of break I am going to change it weekly.

For any new faces, or new readers heres just a reminder of what the heck these themes are: These are merely suggestions for the brain stuck. They are by no means what you have to post on here. Just something to unify some thought and have some fun. 

Nothing new going on with the board, other than I keep getting new people, teachers, and students coming up to me or posting about it. So the place is growing. I'm so proud. Gonna be sending out a few more invites soon once I get all organized again. I'm really terrible about sending these things out.

One more reminder, if you are sitting out there on your computer, but are not a member of the board... you can still comment. It's entirely open. Even anonymous posting should be enabled. So lend some words and we'll lend an ear.


Fall dump

Here are a few commercial fig drawings in ink, the digital illustration logo project, and an acrylic technique study.


Digital Figure Sketch

I decided to sit in on the new Digital Figure Drawing class in the Bistro at the B&E. They have Cintiqs!!! Although they were to small...i still really did like working like that and would love to one day own one. But either way, this is the Result of siting in on half a class this afternoon.

Another Envirodoodle

Yup. Another environment for Tardino. This is for the very first scene of the story. It's actually sort of fun the way my screenwriting script and my illustrative drawing project have been playing off each other because this whole scene was not something I had envisioned for the story until I actually started writing the screenplay. Anyway, this is just moments before the carriage gets hijacked. Trying basically to just give the sense that it's speeding through the woods.

The first thing up here is a quick watercolor with some minor PS tweaking on a face I came up with while thinking of some of the Cannabis works. Like I said in Styles and Concepts, I want to put it into a larger piece.

The second is on the theme death, not sure what exactly I was trying to say, I just wanted it to be visual. It's unclear due to the size and some difficulty trying to matte off the watercolor but the red splatter is blood and she has a bullet hole in her forehead. I want to go in and draw lines for her blood soaked hair so it is not confused with the blood. I also want to try it in larger format just for shits and giggles.


Finished Comicbook Page

So one more assignment that I spent too little time on, but in the end I'm somewhat satisfied with. 

Nothing seems to really be happening with the topic lately, so expect it to change soon. Something on the happier side of things.

Edit: Added my SOI color comp for humorous illustration. Going to be completed in acrylic, with some oil on top of that on gesso'd masonite. Final size will be 24x36 inches. I'm doing it so big, just because all of those painting back there need to be readable. They tell the tale of all the victims, of this mob boss. Lots of changes coming to it. But I figure I'll post progress anyway, for you, and myself. Changes coming, punched up color, patterning on jacket, objects on table (Knives, guns, bullets, money), diverse picture frames. For example I want one to be a ornate gold frame, with a picture of a man being pushed out of a skyscraper window.

'scuse me while I whip this out

So, I just realized that I haven't posted on this thing since...well...the very first post. Here is my sad attempt at making up for that. This is a project for styles and concepts. We had to do something with a political figure and so I slapped Obama into the Mel Brooks film "Blazing Saddles."

Please feel free to tear this to shreds as I would like it not to suck...


Making School Work FUN!

...or trying to at least so that I dont kick someones' ass over which type of pencil I'm using.

Comic class: working on our pages due. page 1 due tomorrow. 3 pages total. I'm shooting to get 6 or 7 done by the end of the semester. hopefully print a small book n sell it at the student show. we'll see x___x

Blue Elephant: sketch for painting class. I hate oils. sooo hopefully I wont fuck it up. its 18x36in X____X color pencil.


Black and white

Hey guys it's been along time since i have posted, so here are some pen and ink drawings that i have been doing.  One is a portrait of quinn and the other some of you saw in humerous is a scarecrow.  Let me know what you think.  Thanks



Just wanted to get the final up here in case you guys had any crits that weren't brought up in class. I plan on actually entering it into the poster contest to see if they will use it. My biggest issue now is fixing the type/outline tangent. Other than that, fire away. And then here's a Figure Drawing in conte, which I didn't really know how to use so I went at it like a digital painting. Cheers!

24 hour romp.

Well, 24 hours and two pieces. It was a rough day. I figured I'd post on here earlier, but alex came into the illustration office and distracted me. Two of my favorite things of done this year. I expected to hate the poster but I had a ton of fun coloring it.


Here is my final for the poster design problem in illustration styles and concepts. Overall I'm pretty happy with it, but criticize away! Also, here is the "finished" figure painting I posted a few days ago. It's what I could get done in class, but I still have to finish the body. I know I have to change the clavicle.


yeah, so here's this
tear it up
 Well, I haven't posted on Oondu yet, so I figured I'd post a progress shot of my poster design for Ill Styles and Concepts. There isn't a spot on the painting that's finished yet. The bandana around his neck is going to be red similar to the background, but it will have a few harsh highlights and shadows to differentiate it from the bkg. The area that isn't painted red is going to be the bulls chasing him. Oh, I probably should have started with that. The poster is promoting The Running of the Bulls. The image below is a ROUGH idea of what the final will look like. 

Also, here's a progress shot of an acrylic painting I'm doing in my figure drawing class. This is day 1 of 3.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend