Watercolor on 9"x14" Strathmore Illustration Board


Process work for upcoming watercolor

This is for a quick one week watercolor assignment for Methods with Kovach. I wanted to try to really push myself into making something a little more "Illustrative" than my usual kinda stiff mechanical style. I also really wanted to make a better composition than I usually do. These are just quick studies but if you guys notice anything you feel would improve it let me know.




New Drawing Series

Snail Trail
Sickle Dolls
Sickle Doll

All drawings are 3" x 3" graphite on illustration board. A new dark humor series. I've been doing one a day so i'll try to keep up the streak.


The 3rd Kingdom

I haven't posted in awhile so here are the first 4 characters for my Illustrative Drawing story. I haven't gotten a chance to really sit down and practice some good ol photoshop painting in awhile so it was nice to work on these and pretend like I don't have a ton of other things to do.

New stuff

Hey hey, CCAD. Here's another asset from a short I've been working on:

I did the texturing and the lighting.

Keep groovy my muchachos.