Pirate Book Cover:

Alright guys here are some Thumbs for my first assignment in Paynes class. He told me to do a historically accurate pirate book cover for any Real pirate in history. I picked Black beard! These are the thumbs that made the cut out of 23 total. Let me know which gets your vote. I think I am favoring the one with everyone in the captains quarters...That one would have moon light to the left and lamp light on the right. Sounds like fun to me...Keep in mind the wide comps are wrap around book covers so the composition the right has to be strong on its own.


sit down, stand up

A pencil sketch just for fun. The story is on the soldjers ax. Angel has knife in chest and lilly blade bleads out. As if there is a legend of her distroying a nation in defence. Angel on shoulders looks away ashamed of its history.
Ha ha, i just made all that up to make the sketch more epic. Kind of diferernt style for me, I am really starting to notice my art getting in spired from Don, and didn't use referance. I got to color it still.


Daughtry... Touched up.

I fixed the tangent and widened the left girl's ass. Any other suggestions?


Breeders WIP

As a huge fan of the Breeders, I really wanted to knock this one out of the park, but once again I didn't really get a good start until the 11th hour. Let me know what you guys think!


Ender's Game

Well I figured someone ought to post something robotics/mechanical around here, so there: This is an illustration of Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. Remember that last scene when he's battling with the helmet and the whatnot and the ending and stuff? Sorry, spoilers, right? Well this is it. I have here the black and white study done in charcoal. Do you like it? Don't you like it? Any suggestions for the palette? I'm thinking green light/yellow light on either side. If you have specific paintings to look at that would be helpful. I found a Foster that has O.K. colors for this...


Doobies... Again

I added a few more tweaks. I think I am finally satisfied.


Latest EOW Entry...

Just submitted this for the Environment of the Week over at CA. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

As you can see, I have a hard time making room for negative space, but can't really decide what exactly to simply in this composition. Something about that lower area where the columns are needs to be done... but presently I think my judgement has been skewed by staring at it too long.

Any other comments would be appreciated as well.

Anyhow, why not vote? http://www.conceptart.org/forums/sho...d.php?t=165775
(Poll might not be up quite yet...)
Description: I decided to make this the main garage of wealthy, organized space pirates, as well as other criminals. In other words, a very large galactic mafia. This is much more like an illegitimate corporation than a ragtag group.

(I thought it would be a cool take on the theme to try to portray a lot of bright lights and a very large space, to counter the cliché that thieves live in dark, claustrophobic holes in the wall. I think one benefit of many lights is that they can be associated with decadence-- think Las Vegas.)

This particular scene is a garage and storage area station, with a dining area for pilots and maintenance crew in that orange room in the background.


Maybe a structure tomorrow?



Here is the Kelenken from my Pleistocene series. Next is the witchdoctor.

And with size comparison.

Concept sketches for a childrens book

Hey everyone, this is my first Oondu post, of some thumb nails for the cover of a children’s book I am doing. The boss wants Dr. Suess like.
It’s a little disappointing that rough cocept scketches are my first Oondu post, but I was hoping for a good old brutal critique. Harsh truth to send me in the right direction. If you have anything thoughts, please send them at me.

These are all just a rough sketch of how the book cover may look. This one is the first concept. The idea is that a montage of little sketches of things that happen throw out the story are scattered around the tidal letters. I think that a hand drawn fount would look the best with this idea. There would be a lot more little things from the story sticking out every where if I continue with this idea.

This is the second concept of the boy digging throw his toy chest looking for god. There will be more of a fountain of toys flying out above him and more of a messy room in the back ground. I used a rather extreme fount just as a test and kind of liked it, but it is also a overly used fount and has a bit of a generic feel.

These are other founts I liked and some random sketches of fluffy cat and the boy frustrated.


Storm Catcher

So...I've realized I have a bad habit of starting stuff and moving on to the next project before finishing. I need to get a grip on that...

Anywho, this piece is an idea I cooked up about a girl who can catch lighting and bend it to her will and even store it with the use of a *insert trinket/item name*

The corner is a color scheme i was messing around with and liked...although i doubt I'd leaver her skin green...it does have it's appeal for god knows what reason. I want to set her on a high rocky cliff with the ocean in the moonlight as the background. any suggestions and crits are greatly appreciated!

Also the summer stuff is looking good guys!

Kelenken Rider

I'm planning to do a whole series of illustrations based on the Pleistocene era. Here is my first.


48 Hours

I was given this assignment on Wed, so unfortunately I had to rush. This is what I turned in, though I'm not quite done with it.

P.S. I know the type treatment at the bottom is shitty. That's the first thing I'm gonna fix when I get a chance. Critiques would be much appreciated.


Finally!!! Finished meh Ben piece, after a long period of not having any digital media I've finally been able to do at least one digital painting for the summer ever since my hard drive crashed, thus losing all of my photoshop brushes and latest werks. So! this piece was done in painter and it kinda took me a bit since i'm not very good with color and took me awhile to concoct a colorful formula that would work well. So far this summer I' ve had a new dew, so I've been meaning to express it via self portrait. So! i've used an internet image of the devils tower and just colored it up and from there and unfortunately i drawn myself with no reference which is not exactly the best approach of things, but!!! I would like some comments or either "you did ok!" or " great job on mucking a color scheme up"


Finally Some Summer Progress

Well...This is what I have been up to. More or less. Let me know what you guys think. As always it is more impressive in person haha. I have a couple close up shots on my blog if you wanna check them out. Thanks. All the other summer work is freakin sweet to those posting!

Other Summer Stuff

Here's some illustrations I did earlier this summer.

(The descriptions to them are on my deviantArt, which I finally updated.)

(And sorry for dumping this much into one post. I don't want to exceed the weight limit and break Oondu... 0_o)

And here are a couple speedpaintings from life:

10 mins each

About 2.5 hours

And I fixed a lot of the little problems in this one. (At least I hope I did!):

...and refined this one a bit more: