Gummy Super hero

1 more for you guys, This is the main character of my manga. 'Spose I shoulda done this before I actually started on individual pages but I work backwards sometimes. Any way, Its about 11:15 Dec 31 of 09, so the signature is technically correct. Hope every has a happy new year. We've got 2 years before the end of the world so lets live it up people. Peace.


First Winter Project: Final

This is my first and maybe my only Winter break project. It's a D&D adventurer Using a belt of "Bull Strength". I just finished it so let me know what you guys think.

I don't know if you can recognize him or not but Jordan Merchant was my reference model.


Tryin to stay busy

see title ^


Art Out Loud Vol. 3

Hey guys, this is just a trailer, but this DVD will be going on sale soon. Found this online and thought I would share.

Trailer for Art Out Loud, Vol 3 from Kate Feirtag on Vimeo.



child or the trees

child or the trees


Soi and Landscape

Pretty sure I'm done with this one.

This is for styles, I could use some crits.


yayy I'm finished! My first try animating in flash, took forever. I got the idea from a section of The Great Divorce (awesome book) when this man is in purgatory and he has a a demon on his shoulder. Then an angel kills it and it turns into a stallion. The sounds are from the beginning of some Thom Yorke songs.


13th Annual AOI Call for Entries 2010

Finally a poster will be posted. If you don't see this everywhere on campus then your not looking hard enough. Starting Monday afternoon... Any questions just ask. Tell anyone interested in entering. We need to get the word out and quick. Poster Collaboration by my self and Mr. Puncekar.



Taking a break from finals to start another sketchbook. I was thinking about making a painting of this, if I could think of something for the background.


The Keeper

This is a drawing for styles class for the strathmore sketchpad contest. It had to revolve around the theme of green and recycling and this is what I came up with. I plan on painting it either digitally or in oils over winter break.



PANTHAMAN IS FINISHED!!! At least for now...jesus I'm tired and my eyes are bleeding...which is why i won't be able to see any mistakes until later. Suggestions appreciated :P