Environment WIP

Environment concept WIP. This is a concept of a swamp where an evil witch lives who created a race of mutated goblins. In order to pass on to the goblin village of Scum Bucktoo you must enter through one of their skull caves, which in this environment raises out of the depths of the murky swamp. Crits and comments welcome, trying to decide on a color scheme to go with if anyone has advice.

suggestions of any form?

hello, everyone~
i've been stalking around the blog quite a bit recently but haven't much to post. but finally have a few things i'd like to get suggestions on.
the following two aren't done by any means obviously, and please ignore the captions on the compiled image.

on the fight picture, i'm just a little lost on what else to do to the composition. want to go through and make the values balance more, play more with dominance in that way, though still feel everything but the three fore-most figures is lacking. :/

on the compiled image, the two i wanted to ask for ideas on are the left-most image and the elongated funeral pictures.


lastly, feel a little embarrassed to be asking this so openly here, but i've been in this massive art-funk for a year now, and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to offer up to help me through it. here's a detailed post about what i've been going through if you feel up to reading it and offering up any thoughts.


Shameless self-promotion

hey guys, just wanted to post this for shits and giggle, just a friendly reminder to go check out my actual webpage at www.philmilley.com

check it out

stay awhile

show your friends

point and luagh

as long as you go im happy =D


Underwater cat

Hey guys I am working on a piece to submit to Ammo magazine. It will be published sometime after May 7th in the UK. I was thinking of the Felix the Cat episode where he gets pulled into the ocean and chills out with some fish. This is what I've got so far, any suggestions? Heres the mag http://www.ammomagazine.co.uk/ if you're interested its free to submit your portfolio


Boy and the Bot

Here are a couple spreads from my picture book for Boley. I still have to finish the ghost in the top left corner of the second one and add some textures here and there before I call it quits.


Zombie Brains

Here's my latest project for styles class, a product illustration for brain gummy candy for kids.



Re-inventing myself

Id really like a crit from you guys on some stuff ive been working, a whole new look. I've developed a new method of doing things and I want to know what you all think from an artistic/illustrative point of view, not so much subject matter.

most of these are a bit unrefined as they are still sketches, but the overall feel of what a final would look like in this method shows up

my question is would you all like to see me pursue finalized illustration in this manner

im pretty excited about them and i think theres a ton of potential here

plus then I could just work strait digitally

please let me know



Just some updates. Comments appreciated!

New website look...SUPER SIMPLE.

And a new piece I am working on. Critiques appreciated. I don't have all the details I want so far; it is just a work in progress... The sun will have rays, and I am going to put some butterflies in there somewhere.


Poster redo

I had another go at the poster, I think I like it better this time even though it's less moody.

If you guys are interested you should come to the Media Studies screening at Arena Grand on April 30th- 2 to 5:30PM! I'm showing my film, and so are Tyler Mele and a bunch of other people who have been shut inside of Kinney Hell all year...


Finally A New Post:

This was my last final for Groff's Pro Practice class. Still working on getting everything for directions together. I'll be sure to post more of the up and coming projects.


The Long Haul

These here are beer labels. I want to photograph actual bottles sporting one of these for the portfolio. The question, is which one? also, any crits?


Chimp chomp cereal

Chimp Chomp Cereal for Styles and concepts- we have to do product character design along with package


St Brigid

This is a painting that would be on a religious prayer card. I picked St Brigid because she a patron saint of artists. Any suggestions dudes? I'm stuck

Hey guys!

Well thanks to Alex and especially Mike for the invite- I really appreciate it and look forward to posting work up here for you guys to crit! I have enjoyed looking at this blog for a while so it's exciting to start posting. Figured i would just start with something light, here are some doodles done for comic book class! This is sort of on the spot so I will upload some more stuff later

Thanks guys


The Terrible Tales of Bonebeard

Here's a couple of my many character roughs for an illustrative drawing project. I had some trouble with Frenchie's pose, but I think I have it down now, besides his right arm being a little wonky (needs to be foreshortened more). Josh Minto and I are collaborating on the back story of the pirate bears and their enemy goblin crew. I'll have some of the characters painted up by the end of the semester as well as some environments and other misc. designs. The semester is coming to a close way too fast and I still have a ton of work to do on this so I'll try to post some updates in the near future.


I finished this piece this morning at 7:30am... It was due today for the conceptart.org Character of the Week contest (CHOW). I did a few chows last semester, it's quite fun, although I have yet to get used to the fast deadlines (and lack of time).

I was falling asleep while trying to finish up the colors. The line art was all black and white and grey, and I don't really every work with lineart that much, so I was messing around with multiply layers and whatnot, trying to find an easy coloring solution.

Is the composition a bit lopsided/awkward?

Ok. Sleepy time.

Poster Updated


Mars B&W

I was hugely inspired and motivated by the concept art workshop we had last weekend, perhaps a bit too obviously. Here is my first attempt at a character without using reference to draw the figure; It's a skill set I definitely have been ignoring for way too long.



Prohibition and Inhibition

My latest illu for groff, based around the prohibition era. Since I missed class I figured I'd share. Love doing these ink drawings. Think I'll do more.

Gonna get around to changing that theme over there pretty soon. Just have to find my template .psd and finish some work first.


Mickey Boxer

1st design for silk screen project, bout to do a reprint when i make stuff for the art sale.

you might notice this weird mickey mouse ear theme i've had in my last few pieces...idk i tend to get stuck on certain imagery for whatever reason...there's no real reason behind it.

Also sorry that i failed to put these three posts in one post...i would go back and do it but i'm lazy.

Crash and Burn

ok i seriously don't know how to make this work as a design you might see on a shirt or something...i drew a blank in the class and i think i'm going to crash and burn on this assignment...

i'll probably have to redraw the whole thing so any suggestions are viable at this point...


this is just a little update; it's a piece i did for entrepreneurial illustration, it's been "done" for a few weeks now but i finally posted it for some suggestions, even though it's not where i want it to be. Still need to tweak the colors a bit and maybe add my usual value.

i think I'm going to try and silkscreen this.