Ok, so here's what I've been up to. The first is an event poster for the HP Lovecraft Film Festival. I decided to not post the one with type, as the type provided the most problems for the in-class critique. And I need to finish up the typewriter and the rest of his body, but have at it guys.

[Edit] I updated it a tad.

ALSO! I wanted to point this out to ya'll


November 1st is International Self-Portrait Day! So hopefully on Nov. 1st we'll all post something on here.


Finally posting

I thought since I'm staying up all night i might as well post something, so here are some sketches i thought might coincide with the theme. One is actually from freshman year but can you guess which one?

Here are some more resolved ideas that i did back in the day when i actually liked drawing :(


event poster and pin up comp s

Hey all, haven't posted in a minute so I wanted to throw this up. Comp for styles event poster, and some progress on the pin up piece i plan to use for.... w/e, i dont need a reason to do a pin up, its given me woes though... let me know your guys first reactions and such, and any suggestions you have before I take them any further, especially you guys in my class for the poster, but input from everyone would be much appreciated




These are from a story I thought of, about  a vampire demon god that is trapped inside of a bridge.  It kills people that walk under the bridge and some other stuff.  


i dig this

I'm really just looking for feed back of any sort, and I figured I'd just inch my way in to this here blog. I'm doing this deal in professional practice to take a kids book and transform it into a hypothetical animated film, you know, Pixar or Dreamworks-esque. eventually i would love to do concept art for such films. since this is my baby though, i think i'm going to use "danny and the dinosaur." it lends itself to lots of potential environments, but limited character designs, which will keep the entire project a little more focused. the original illustrations arent much to admire, which helps my case in developing something (hopefully) refreshing.

I did not know if anyone is familiar with the story, but I've just done a few basic sketches of some "scenes." they're not much right now, at the start, but have at 'em.

GreenBeans and 9mm

Hey Guys. I'm the lil new kid like Shy. Here cuz Mike the lovely invited us so - shazam.

I like video games (Resident EEeevil.Silenthilling. Professor Layton...I have a crush on him. GUILTY GEAR. MGS's...Ocelots's my man.ODINSPHUURRR...sphere. FF12. Etc)
I like violent movies. and PUZZLES. I have a baby snake. ball python named Tucker. he's 18 inches long and just shed forthe 2nd time.
Also new to this whole OHIOOOooo CCAD thing. Recently moved from Columbia SC from Winthrop University cuz I got a full ride up here >_>. sorry winthrop but I dont like paying loans out the ass.

Noootttt a big fan of Anime crap. Big eyes annnoy the piss outta me. Though I do have a few I like. Tekkon Kinkreet <3

more @ -coey-.deviantart.com or 13crowns.net




CMYK Magazine Contest!

So, I figured I'd pass this along to all of you. McKissick told me this morning about a contest that CMYK Magazine puts on for aspiring artists to get their work published in the magazine. It's a very well known publication (if you don't know of it already). The entry fee is $45. A little steep, yes, but you can enter up to 15 pieces, AND even if you don't get in, you'll get a free portfolio space on the magazine's website. If you're interested, then haul your asses over to www.cmykmag.com. The deadline is October 20th, so you're going to have to be quick about it if you want in!

uhh... yo.

kay, so i'm new to all this 'blogging', so spare me.
hola, i'm shy-- i love my fiancee [coey kuhn] and gore! :D

since i hope to not completely forget oondu exists in two days and actually post on occation, i'll give you a gist of what i do:




uuuuh yeah. hardly ever finish shit aaaand if you wanna see my ever growing pile of sketches you can see more at: shysuiko-net.

thanks, guys. look forward to seeing more from all of you.

Funny People.

Things I've been having fun with as of late. First is gouche. Rest are pencil. The second, mob boss one is most likely going to turn into an AOI/SOI piece.

Excuse the crappy post format. Having trouble moving the images around.



Here are some oils from this semester.



i kinda wanna go somewhere with this

not sure where


Children's line drawing

Hey everyone, this is a line drawing for a cover of a children's magazine for Boley's class. Its halloween characters dressing up as other things, fun? I'm not totally happy with it yet and I couldn't figure out what I wanted to change so I was hopin for some advice. Its gonna be in full color, and the mummies eyes will be glowing, so if anyone has any suggestions, maybe other costume idea's for them, that would be sweet. Thanks.


Clownin' Around

Ok, so heres the final lines for my pin up. Let me know if anything needs to change before painting. Any suggestions on colors would be nice too.

Dreams in the Witch House

I made this sketch from an awesome HP Lovecraft story.   This is inside a guys bedroom.  In the corner there is a triangular section of the wall that creates a kind of compartment, which I don't think is very readable. The tall black character is supposed to be Nyarlothotep and he just appeared out of the triangular compartment which is made up of angles that lead to another dimension.  The witch is his servant and the little rat thing is a spirit called Brown Jenkin he is supposed to have a human head and four human hands for feet.  in this scene the guy in the foreground is being forced to sacrifice the child on the witch's Sabbath. tell me what you guys think.


Damn its cold out here Bob

I felt guilty only having one thing up here and was in the mood for some speed painting last night. I'm definitely not finished but I think I've got everything down. I might add some more workers and lights or another building in the distance. I'd also like to add some more light sources and take the focus off of the man in red. Comments? Haven't done much speedpainting before so if you guys have any hints or tips I'm all ears. Its definitely a fun process and I'd like to do a couple more speeds in this setting.

[Update] I changed it up a bit

Oh, and thanks for reading up on the Orphan Works Act guys. Just wanted to keep you all informed on whats going on.

Comicbook Class/Me Thanking Mr. Welch.

The first assignment we had for Comicbook was a 2-point perspective interior with 5-6 characters. For this one I went off that old War Pirate concept I had about the modern day pirates that pillage and plunder as war actively rages around them. This is them on their off hours. I took it easy as far as action goes simply because this is the first time I haven't really pooped out a background. I like to skew things and touch perspective inappropriately for the most part, but I must thank Mr. Welch for this one. Still therapeutic to do all the ruler work.

Due to me waiting till the night before to start this it's lacking a lot of the props I wanted in there and Im aware of some of the wonkiness of the mohawk guy. The one day I can't draw people... it's the day I have to do this.

Blog Stuff: Just sent out some invites to those that wanted in, and still have some to send out (shy and coey- I lose your e-mails immediately after finding them) but should be all sorted out soon. Also, increased posting! Woohoo. So nice to see some new people posting. Lastly, should be updating a few points on the FAQ soon since some of it's out of date. Also erasing the comments on it, so it's open for people to ask questions right on there.

Not so Blog Stuff... Interested in seeing if anyone wanted to go to Mid-Ohio Con this weekend. 15 bucks to get in from what I hear. I live pretty close, and could probably afford some people carpooling and then walking from my place to save 5 bucks. Maybe a 15 minute walk. I have tons of work to do with all of the 6 illustrations yet to be done for next thursday, but it's annual and I feel the need to go.