The Dead Shall Rise!

So, it's new theme time...

This time again I wanted to go with something extremely broad. Then I widened the theme more so with a slash. So go get some gut wrenching reference and draw up something grotesque. 

The new theme is Horror/Death.

Horror is rather straight forward, but I just had images of nothing but zombies flooding (if you can call it that on here) the blog. So, I opened it up to "Death" as well, which personally strikes up much more imagery, but goes rather hand in hand with horror.  So fun times be had dammit. We'll probably all end up drawing kids when we graduate so take advantage now and channel the dead.

Board stuff::
So I am absent minded and forgot to invite quite a few people I told I would. Do not feel bad, I will get them out. Stupid wind screwed up everything, including my internet. 

Secondly, I would like to let people know that you should post stuff from classes, even if the majority of regular posters on here have seen it. It won't hurt, and more than a few teachers and other students check this thing. So make us look good, and not like a dead community. Doesn't hurt to comment again, cause heck if I remember half the crits and I get in class. And comments give warm and fuzzies. Be nice, give warm and fuzzies. 

Thirdly, again about posting, feel free to post work in progresses, finishes, speedpaints, sketches and if you want, even some shoutout stuff from time to time about other artists and students. If it ever got annoying I could start another dedicated blog for it. Stuff is free. 

So that's it.

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