Hunter in the Dark

Alrighty, so, I decided to do my color comp in painter, finishing in photoshop. First time doing anything this adventurous digitally, and seeing as how the folks on here seemed to be pretty skilled with the computer I figured this would be the best place to get advice on the final design, layout, color, etc. I got some input from Mike earlier, he suggested making the figure larger, which I think helped out a lot. Anyhow, anything and everything y'all got would be great! I'm still not entirely sure on the typeface for the final, but...I'm workin' on it. 

Planning to do the final in acrylics, so if you guys have any advice in that regard, by all means let me know! 


S. Alex Lyon said...

I'm REALLY loving this so far. I still want to see you do more on the computer as well and this is only going to make me bug you more lol. I think this is going really so far. Would say that if you plan to place the title at the top I would grab the creature and tuck him down a tad. give your self more room to work with.

The other suggestions would be to fix the lightening the persons face. I think the shadow near his jaw is too heavy. and on the subject of lightening I would like to see just a bit more on the creature. there is just enough now that I can tell something is up there but its hard to see anything but eyes. Maybe adding a lighter color to the sky could make his silhouette pop or something like that if you would prefer to keep him in shadowed. But all this little stuff aside I love it so far. good color.

PhiL the Zombie said...

nice creepy feel youve got goin on, i love the red eyes in the darkness, very classically scary. i would just work on the readability a bit, especially the man at the bottom

Jake Murray said...

I'd have to agree with Phil a bit on this one. It's a little hard to read. I know what it is from you talking about it in class, but if I didn't have class with you, I'm not sure I'd really know what was going on. I know this is just the color comp, so complete readability isn't as super important as it will be in the final. Just make sure you get good reference. Turn out all the lights and shoot a photo of someone holding a lantern or something else that emits light so that you can nail the lighting in the painting. Color wise, I think what you've got going is working okay. I think it's definitely a good idea to keep those monster eyes the most chromatic aspect of the piece. As for doing the painting in acrylics, you may want to do the entire thing in grayscale (or dark "brownscale"??), and then paint thin layers of color over that. With the piece being so dark, its readability is going to have more to do with the value structure of the painting, so if you nail that and just glaze colors over that, I think you should be in pretty good shape.

Mike Puncekar said...

I see that you made the dude bigger... but.... bigger. Or a more pronounced upward angle. I do like it though, but here are my words of wisdom. Paint brighter and with more contrast... when you go to print this thing if you do turn to that... it'll just go black. I know this because as you know, I paint way too many dark things and I end up printing off like 6 versions at different contrasts and brightnesses. But yeah, making the guy bigger will really give it a more noticeable shelf factor. I mean, these things have to grab attention very quickly, and I don't know if my eyes would bother to put this together fast enough. I have the same problem really with my I AM Legend cover... I never do learn.

I really love how the monster plays in and out of the dark though, it looks great so far. Excited to see this one come along.

Patrick said...

Hey thanks guys! Appreciate all of the feedback, I've bumped up the contrast, fixed the figure, and have some more realistic lighting on him as well (took your advice Jake, got some good pictures) Hopefully it shows that I've taken the advice you all have given, after class I'll post it up and see if there's anything more I can get out of it, thanks again!

Brandon said...

Awesome Pattie!

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