One Speedpaint, and some junk.

So, here is a speedpaint that's been sitting on my computer for awhile now. Just made the last few changes to make it postable. 

These are two headache inducing things I'm putting in my probably never gonna finish pile. Both are rushed to the point of to finish them I have to do a mini overhaul. I was halfway through over hauling batman (the legs and hips, oh my) but I still like it. The western piece was coming along until I found a more fun way to paint digitally, and I think it's just boring even if it was meant to be a bit of a piece of firsts: first full back ground piece, first crowd scene, first colored thing that wasn't half-assed. So, to the graveyard with them. 

If I ever scan them I'll be posting about 8 sketchbook pages I rather like. Although most of you have already seen them.


S. Alex Lyon said...

I declare the cowboy a success! I'm really liking the way the figure was handled and the head of the horse as well. the down side I still wish i could see more horse leg, but its cool I can totally understand not doing it. I don't think it really hurts the piece at all.

The "hanging" scene I also thought turned out pretty good. I think some of the up close things in the bottom left need some tightening up but if that was done then I would say it's done. the rest of it has a very "impressionistic" quality to it rather then an unfinished. All except for that up most for ground.

Batman is lookin good. The bar was set by the face your right there... and doesn't he need a batman symbol on the chest? or was that left off for "personal reasons"??

Kudos on the post.

S. Alex Lyon said...

At a second glance...the legs of the horse don't really bother me. haha.

Mike Puncekar said...

well, I'm looking into it it, but the colors are really really faded compared to when I was in photoshop due to the color profiles used I believe... but I did add in some leg, or more of an inkling of them at your suggestion.

The batman, has a really really long way to go. I was in the process of reworking and messing with the size of the chest, and playing with some anatomy, so no symbol haha. Which is why the legs are so FUBAR, along with the hips. I may revisit the batman one... but not anytime soon. I did however crank out a half decent book cover sketch tonight instead of the dumb one i did at your place, and and have a decent line for boley... He'll be so proud.

PhiL the Zombie said...

I actually think the cowboy one is some of your best work, Im amazed by how loose AND crisp it is at the same time, how did you get such crisp lines on the gallows? its really doing something, I would explore whatever it is that you did in more of your work. Seriously

Mike Puncekar said...

The cowboy is one of my favorites too. I actually have a ton of steps saved for it due to crashes and talking to kevin on AIM, so I'll put up a set by step if anyone is interested.

But all of those straight lines are just me lasso tooling. I used to do a lot of it, but normally in pieces that were entirely lasso tooled, like that children's poster from ad and graph from the library project. But now I'm trying to throw the two styles together. I'm definitely chasing it, just haven't had much to to experiment lately. If I have been it's been with anatomy tweaking in sketches. Almost have me an editorial style. Thanks for the words though.

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