i kinda wanna go somewhere with this

not sure where


Alex Lyon said...

Damn Nick this turned out really good. I like it. You should rename the post "and I'm in media studies" haha. I like it now go out buy a new stylus and through some color on that thing. Even if it ends up staying a plain pencil drawing, I am still curious to see. I hope this is the first in more posts to come. On a crit note. I would really like to see pupils and stronger highlights on the fur over his shoulder. Thats my two cents worth.

Kev said...

I agree with Alex, this thing is pretty awesome. And I'm itching to see color on it. As far as crit goes I don't have much buuut... I feel the arm proportions are a little wonky, it could just be the armor on it, not sure. But I'd like to see his weapon a lot longer, so that its a little more balanced on his shoulder. Also, I think the eye needs to be moved closer to the nose just a bit. But thats really all I got. Great Concept, I'm lovin' the texture, now paint the damn thing. Two cents deposited

Mike Puncekar said...

Looking pretty fun man. Textures are crazy. If you do anythign with him, I'd like to see something taht wasn't on the same plane. Maybe a twist at the waist or something. Something to justify him taking up width. Wood texture looks like it took awhile though. I just don't have that kind of patience.

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