uhh... yo.

kay, so i'm new to all this 'blogging', so spare me.
hola, i'm shy-- i love my fiancee [coey kuhn] and gore! :D

since i hope to not completely forget oondu exists in two days and actually post on occation, i'll give you a gist of what i do:




uuuuh yeah. hardly ever finish shit aaaand if you wanna see my ever growing pile of sketches you can see more at: shysuiko-net.

thanks, guys. look forward to seeing more from all of you.


Mike Puncekar said...

Soooo, this is where I go, "I'm really glad I invited shy". Outstanding stuff. But I fell I suck up enough to you in comicbook. haha.

P.s. sorry I got your last name wrong on the side. Fixing now.

PhiL the Zombie said...

Damn son, Im diggin your stuff. I think you got a lot of nice things goin on in these. The textures are outstanding, and I love the mood you set in these pieces. Blood and guts are always fun =) I especially like the silent hill piece with pyramid head.

If I had to critique any thing it would the anatomy of some of your characters. It seems a bit off, or maybe disproportionate. But then maybe you where going for that to enhance the feel of the pieces, Either way, I'd like to say kudos on some fine work.

Keep it up

Jake Murray said...

Whoa-ho! Very cool stuff here. I've always wondered who it was that did that really morbid looking piece hanging up in Kinney Hall. Welcome to the blog! Looking forward to seeing more from you.

Alex Lyon said...

Here here! I now know that you are who Mike was ranting about. Great stuff too. Nice first post. Talk about a good first impression.

Personal Fav: the page with the elephant in the background. that whole frame i enjoy.

shysuiko said...

yeeey <3<3 thanks guys~

like hell you suck up -- i complement your shit in comic all the time, too, mikey so shut it. <3

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