Boobies n Amputation :)

Boobies and Amputation!
Heck, why not.

3/6 drawings I did in comic class cuzzzz hate the teacher and like hell I'm doing actual work in class- HAH! no! lets draw boobies and missing bits!- I told myself. SO- I did. there's a couple more but these were my favs.

mmmmm pretty body bits. =w= :heart: be it monsters or boobies- I love drawing squishy nasty things.


Mike Puncekar said...

Really awesome little doodles. Always impressed with your anatomy. So fluid. You can really tell by the looseness of lines, the linewieghts, you draw alot.

The second one is my favorite. The crop on that makes it.

PhiL the Zombie said...

these are great, do you do your darker lines in photo shop or do you ink them by hand?

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