Happy Holidays, Mr. Death!

If the grim reaper lived on your street, you would dick him over all the time with sacks of poo and what-have-you. This is common knowledge.

I had some trouble sleeping the other night and so I did a little speed painting. I figured I should do something over break and I'm hoping to start doing these things with more regularity...this is a little different than the way I usually paint with photoshop so let me know what you think.



Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, gotta love the subject matter, and the act of flaming dog poop. i like the stylzation of the fire and the small squiggleys that are happening, i also enjoy the rectangular strokes or brush that you used. If i was gonna hate it would be the teeth on the skull. Speed painting is what it is, so in all i like the quick expressive look of this illustration.

Chubs said...

The kid on the right is clearly so excited that he's started to eat the porch.

Mike Puncekar said...

Pretty sweet dave. I'd like some moar please.

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