The Minnow and the Sparrows

hmmm, so. this is... unexpencted.
started as a sketch of one character, but she turned into something else. but liked it so kept going.
she was going to be gutting fish but it turned out to be birds. but kept going.
so now i don't know what the fuck it is 'cept that photoshop HATES the levels and didn't want to make it look right. might be this monitor too. i'll have to go look at this on other comps later. >____>

ANYWAY-- i want to colour it, but i usually don't pull through with that. >______> there's also some sloppy elements that i want to go back in and clean up some even if i don't colour it but [nodnod] i just doesn't feel like a final line drawing because i wanted to add some ripple-ish stuff but would rather do it in colour not pencil. [scratches head] eh....


PhiL the Zombie said...

you have to teach me how you get your lines so clean, i mean if thats what you call dirty, then i dont have a clue what you would call my line work when i scan it in

not much i can complain about =D

Dave Groff said...

paint it!

Mike Puncekar said...

Hot damn. Your hands must be steady as can be. Again, seriously impressed. So many little details. Groff is right, it needs some color so I can compliment you more.

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