Mr. Sandman

This is one of my society pieces.  It wass for black and white illustration and it is done in pen and ink.  The scan doesn't really give it justice, but anyways I would appericate some feedback.  Thanks


Alex Lyon said...

I like it. Nice way to handle the clothes. The sky too. I fee like the man should have been facing the other way to better keep you in the composition, but it doesn't hurt as is. His placement was the important thing. Kudos. Nice line work too.

Try taking it into Photoshop and go to image/adjustments/curves. There are three little eye droppers in there if you haven't used it before. You can pick the darkest part and the lightest park of your piece and it auto adjusts the contrast/brightness. I think that would get it as exact as you can.

Bernadette said...

i just saw this on the door of room 6 in circle hall. it's looks really sweet looking. i think something that might look good if you can still change it is to make the pile of sand beneath his right hand bigger. I feel like it might look more balanced.

Mike Puncekar said...

Seriously my favorite thing I've seen from you. Nice, grim inks.

Only warning I have is to watch the foreshortened hand going forward. This year, a lot of what I've seen from you has been this foreshortening. I only say this because portfolio wise it'll get awkward.

Anonymous said...

i really appericate the feed back guys, those are all things that i am gonna work on and i think will really improve how this looks, thats why i love oondu, and yeah mike i did start to notice that, so i am gonna pull back alittle when it comes to the whole forshortening of the hand.

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