New Comic Page

Just finished this up tonight. The second comic book page of my 13 wives story. Technically not the second page in the whole story, but for the class, it is the second page. It's annoying to me that I can't ink it. I really, really want to ink it. It would be so much easier to read without that visual noise. Lemme know what you think. Not a whole lot happens on this page, it's mainly just a intro page for this character.


shysuiko said...



just so you know.


Bernadette said...

mike the only thing that bothers me about it is the side panels at the top seem to be designed to similar. i men like the diagonals are going the same way on both sides i think maybe you should flip some of them. otherwise it is completely awesome and some very nice drawing. i think you concept is really sweet too.

PhiL the Zombie said...

lookin good man, my only complaint would be readability, i think punching the darks up would help drastically because the whites are so intense

Mike Puncekar said...

Thanks guys. Unfortunately I didn't see this befor ei printed and mounted haha. But I will be making those adjustments.

Jerk-Face said...

I'm really liking the Mignolia look, I agree with making it darker though. It would make it more readable. Keep up with the high contrast :D.

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