So, for SOI, the popular vote out of my ideas was to do a group of kids running with a flying pirate ship, over a sidewalk--while I still like the idea, the piece itself was going...badly. A few people had brought up divers, and the idea appealed to me, so I figured I'd give it a shot; what started out as a bored sketch ended up as a SOI piece that I actually had fun doing, go figure! Gotta thank Alex for yelling at me to do something I'd enjoy doing, mm-yup. So, tell me what y'all think!


Mike Puncekar said...

I totally was gonna do a diver illustration haha. Iteresting illustration. Never have seen you stylize like that. I like it. The diver needs some weights ad gear though. That is what makes them cool. He's kind of pillowy right now. The eye on the fish look incredible. Great use of brushes right there.

Bernadette said...

i realy like it angler fish are the most bad ass fish on earth. the only thing i think would make it better is maybe some fish texture of some sort. maybe you could some particles in the water too. i can't help thinking its cute.

PhiL the Zombie said...

I saw this today and I thought of your piece, I dont know, maybe you could use it for inspiration on the background


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