AOI Call for Entries. Last Stop.

This poster is wrong... again. Will be updating properly again tommorrow. This is getting old haha.

Alright. you guys better be ready. I'm expecting some seriously good stuff from the regulars around here. Submittal is easy and you can double submit your SOI pieces, barring you still put up some dough for both:

General Details:
+5 dollars in total for up to three pieces. This is a flat fee. Even if you just submit 1 or 2.
+1 dollar additional for every entry after that. 
+drop off your beloved art to the illustration office.

Size requirements:
-resolution of 72 dpi 
-500 pixels on the longest side
-RGB is highly recommended. (CYMK will mess with your colors)

If you place or win you get fame and fortune. Anything you want. Forever. This includes the weird stuff you don't tell anyone about. Alex Lyon will be more than happy to help. Oh and a few prizes. But just how awesome those prizes are depends on you good people. You gotta gamble to win. 

Not only has Alex been volunteering for weird stuff he has found four great judges to accompany the one and only C.F. Payne, who recently got the Obama TIME cover, and is currently found leading our school to victory. All things pending as I hastily make this post. But get excited.

The Judges
- C.F.Payne
- Jared Lee
- Tammie Lyon (no relation to mister Alex Lyon)
- Eric Fortune
- and Steve Meek

It's all coming together. Now pull yourself up from your computer chair. Be proud. Be awesome. Be an illustrator! Then sit back down, and prep some artwork, or even make some new stuff, you procrastinator, and put it on a CD or memory stick and stop by the office. Feel free to submit your SOI and AOI pieces at that time. 

Lastly, Alex feel free to add considering your red leader on this trip to the death star.

FREE POSTER DOWNLOAD! Pick your poison. Fingers crossed colors won't explode.
rapidshare- (max download of ten) 
megaupload- (max download unknown)


Alex Lyon said...

Actually the first 5 dollars covers your first three entries. That is a flat fee, if your only going to submit two pieces, it will still cost 5 dollars. After the first three its a dollar per entry.

If you want Mike just delete this and update the post.

Mike Puncekar said...

I'm an idiot, as i think I asked you like 3 times on the phone to repeat it. Somehow still butchered it. Sorry folks. And sorry pat and eric, for lying to you this morning in fiction.

Alvaradolol said...

Uh, the 29th is a thursday.

Mike Puncekar said...


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