The 2009 update. Insert Crowd Noise.

So I finally fixed up this place a bit today. Still a work in progress, but you'll keep seeing some subtle changes. I think it just had to be done, it's been awhile since even the theme has been updated, because I can't find the original files for my templates. Doh.

Want to get a nice footer in place still, and get the glows on the tabs not looking so... boxy. I guess we will consider this the 2009 update. 

In other news, gonna send out a few more invites. Hopefully we get some new faces around here. And with it some new activity. 

Lemme know if anything is viewing weird. Namely mismatched blacks. 

New theme! Fairytales and Folktales. 
Thanks to Bernadette's brilliant...ness...ity... we have a new suggested theme over to the side. Illustrator's dream theme, really. I know we will have a few for this one. Have to. If we don't, well, I just won't know what to think.



Dave Armstrong said...

This place looks like a sexy, techno little big planet

I couldn't love it more

Alex Lyon said...

Much agreed! I love the new Header. and the theme is great I can't wait to get started on it i already have ideas...

PhiL the Zombie said...

love the new oondu graphic my main man. I want to brush my teeth with it.

Bernadette said...

i like being called brilliant

Mike Puncekar said...


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