So yeah...first time post. I did this last Friday in digital drawing. Very soft and fuzzy for James but I kinda liked it.

Question. Why is blogger turning my picture blue? The actual picture is all yellows and oranges.


Mike Puncekar said...

Is this, your first post? :O

Really great study. Love the ethereal feel of it. Just really well done. Likeness is pretty spot on.

Kevin Havens said...

Looks good man. I didn't know anyone else from Oondu was in that class. Are you using that sketchbook pro program? I cannot use that man. Props to you, looks good even in the blue. Welcome to the blog btw

Bernadette said...

this is really nice,
you should put some more stuff up

PhiL the Zombie said...

ive got to go try those syntic's this is nice

Mike Puncekar said...

haha really? I like the blue. Screw orange. BUT... check your color profiles to make sure is a sRGB. That's the only real thing I can think of. That it's a CYMK file and blogger is confused.

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