Jon and Steven : BFFs

So I have to start off by saying thanks to Bernadette because her post reminded me that we could edit these this week which seems like a perfect chance to get some feedback.

This is my styles and concepts piece of Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert as a two headed news anchor arguing with itself. I know I want to screw around with the folds on the jacket (especially stewart's side) but other than that, any ideas would be appreciated.


David More said...

I like Colbert, no probs there. But I did not know the other head was Jon Stewart outside of the context of the piece. I think it's a simple fix though: you have the eyebrow cock and wry smile, but Stewart has a pretty defined lower jaw and chin. Here you made it a little weak. I like the color contrast and whatnot, and their individual colors work well with their personalities. Sorry to bring up something like the portraiture with this piece so far along, as it's a pain to do anything with. But that's all I saw. Good job overall.

Bernadette said...

hey i think you changed his face, it looks alot better. I think the only thing i would add is some faint stars on the flag. Otherwise looks totally wack. oh Wacktopus haaha

Dave Armstrong said...

for some reason, jon stewart is about 20 times harder than colbert for me to cartoon-ify. I'll try screwing around with the jaw and see what that does.

yeah, there's a bit more sienna in jon now, so he looks a little less...dead? And thank you for the reminder. I keep meaning to throw stars in there but for some reason it keeps getting overlooked. I'm also thinking maybe the comedy central logo should take up some more space on the front of the desk?

and bernadette, there should totally be a whole oondutopus dedicated to the topus drawings

thanks for the comments

PhiL the Zombie said...

the design, concept and technique are all fine, i would just say that i dont think i would know who the were if you didnt have the props in the background, maybe put in a few more if you can

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