The Royal Froggie

I had some fun with this piece. It's supposted to be Queen Elizabeth II as a frog. I know it doesn't look exactly like her, but I still am pretty happy with it. Mahan told me a few things to work on, like making the jewelry have varying values rather than being flat. I'm going to go back into it, to make a few little changes, so any criticism is welcome.


PhiL the Zombie said...

did you lighten up the background on this, its working much better now from the print you had, or was it just a dark print, also it dint notice the blue in the hair on your print, its a nice compliment to the orange in the face, the background are about the same value and chroma, maybe put so warmer tones in the foreground, maybe

Eric Alessandrini said...

This is the exact same file I printed for class, so it was just a dark print. The actual painting isn't quite as chromatic as this one, but about the same value. I do like you're idea of bringing a few more warm tones into the foreground, thanks.

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