4 FUN + 1!!!!!!

So yeah. I'm really sick of school projects and hadn't really been doing my own projects either. So to get inspired again, I just decided to crank out some good old fashioned Star Wars art. I'd like to think that it's pretty much done, but let me know if there's anything that just really pisses you off. Anyway, I guess I'll call it.........."The Grand Dance of Darth Callus." Sure. Why not.


Okay, since there was mention of music, I'll share what I have so far with you guys. Really the only way I've been able to throw this stuff together is because of my being sick and skipping classes. But anyway, it's a work in progress. Trying to keep with the classic John Williams Star Wars sound which has been a learning experience in itself. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy. You can listen to it here. It's the song called "Confronting Darth Callus (WIP)" (as would make sense with the painting :P) There's also a bunch of other stuff I've done over the years if you haven't heard it already. Cheers!


Mike Puncekar said...

Well, I'm assuming you'll get quite a few good comments coming on this one. So I'll say I hate it, even though I like it, and think that it is my favorite thing from you thus far. Great fun colors, technically great. Yeah, pretty sure I hate it. Just throw it away. You can do worse.

Don't ever do something this dynamic again, it works too well.

I do have one complaint though, and that is the arm of "DARTH CALLUS" kind of looks like it's tweaking out. Almost like it's mashed into the frame of reference. It only stands otu because the rest of the piece is so outstandingly...bad... outstandingly bad.

So when are you actually going to make this mask? With accompanying music, eh?

Brandon Black said...

I love this! It looks like a lot of the good concept art coming out in the late 90s in magazines like Star Wars Insider. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm gonna have to say that this is absolutly wonderful Jakebo. A very dynamic piece you got goin here. I have no idea who exactly Dark Callus is, but now i think i like him. This is a really well done painting expecially with the multiple lighting sources from the light sabres. I guess if I was going to nit pick and find the where's waldo of mistakes i would have to say that the foreground thumb looks abit weird. Either way i really enjoy this piece, and I agree with Mike i would enjoy some accompanying music!

Mike Puncekar said...

AW MAN. I remember getting those star wars insider magazines. The one where thye announced the episode 1 cast I must have had the most dumbfounded look on my face. Cause I hated every choice.

Liam Neeson has recently become awesome though.

PhiL the Zombie said...

awesome painting man, no big complaints from me, well other than its star wars x.x, lol sorry im bitter, but i used to know someone who ruined SW for me by nvr shutting up about it

Jake Murray said...

Thanks for all the comments guys. Glad you liked it. I agree with Pat about the thumb in the foreground. It's one of those things that I noticed and hated right after I posted the piece all over the internet. :P But I'll fix it, rest assured. And since there's been multiple "requests" I'll say that there is possibly some music in the mix for this............Okay, yes, there is some music being written. :P

Mike Puncekar said...

Ahaha man, that music is awesome, and so much better than I expected. I listened to it twice. It is Star Wars. What kind of alien software are you using to pull off such a great sound?

So did you kill John Williams and take his power? Tell the truth.

Jerk-Face said...

Mike your correct in assuming that Jake has killed John Williams and ate his heart to gain his power. He keeps the body under his mattress lol. Oh and Jake nice piece :P His hands are covered in calluses from all the jedi slaying hence his name Darth Callus!!!!

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