Rock it WIP

Update: Well i made a lot of changes, (thank you Mike) hopefully for the better this time around, i just could get that pose to work the way i wanted to so i had to change it up, and yes her foot would probably be melted to oblivion, but hey shes got super futuristic rocket safety boots on, let me know if the new one works or there is anything else i should address, thanks

Ok so this is alot farther along then what I had last thursday for those of you that saw. I like the drawing right now, havent put the burger in yet, prolly should cuz its a burger place menu. let me know if anything seems off with it. Im wondering if the type is working and if the colors feel right, im only aloud to use white and 3 other colors. let me know what you think thanks guys

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Mike Puncekar said...

As a whole it's feeling pretty cool, but there are alot of nit picky kind of things that I'm not sure are just early WIP woes.

My main problem is with the pose it self. Its a good pose and it works for the purpose. Wouldn't change that, but her anatomy feels like it's doing some weird things. Like she has a rubbery hand under Rokkit, and how her foot becomes one massive foot. And I'm not so sure about the twist in her pose. I get that she is twisted, but it still doesn't look natural enough to pass as it. Also, watch those stars coming from her jet pack. I think you could break up that harsh line way more with some more variety of sizes.

I like the text font. I think it fits rather well, and I'm gonna assume you are gonna draw the connects and really make it nice and 3d.The B on burger is getting pretty close to her leg, but I like the placement. G is also drawing a tangent with the circle.

Those colors overall, I'm not so sure about. That blueish grey... it almost activates chroma glow between the tealish lighter blue. And the dark blue is so dang pure, it could make it look amateurish fast.

I'm not really sure how you work on these, but with such a figural focus, I think she really needs tightened up, she looking kind of rubbery. And while I like the blue, why not get some purples in there and look at some old jack kirby stuff and get the space feel down. He did it with two color.

That was kind of my first analysis of it. You got the feel down, and the tray looks good. But it looks like you put more work into that tray than the girl.

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