Are you a Ragged Man?

This is the logo for the food product branding for Styles and concepts. We had to make up a brand, so mine is Ragged Man BBQ Sauce. I still have time to tweak things to let me know what you guys think. I just inked it by hand then added the texture and type with photoshop.


Kevin Havens said...

Nice type man. Would this be like a front label or something? If so I dont know if I would leave it in that boring rectangle shape. Couple of tangents with the hat and his hands. Other than that, good work

PhiL the Zombie said...

I dont really mind the tangents on the hands and i think i like it like this better than with the darkened guns like you had in class, my only suggestion would be calling it "rugged" man instead of "ragged" man

Alex Lyon said...

haha that is a much better title! I never even thought of that. thanks Phil.

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