Calling Cloud 9

So I decided to belt this tee design out this weekend. I'm enjoying the look a lot but let me know your suggestions.


Anonymous said...

The first thing that pops up to me is that she needs a line that shows where her chin is because that darker blue you have in there isn't making her face pop from her neck like it should be.

Maybe you could try lowering the design cuz it's so close to the neck leaving so much space below. i like the idea of flipping 666 upside down and placing it on her and the phone since it's heaven; i hope i didn't misunderstand that concept.

watch out on the perspective of the phone base (is that what u call them?) and look into darkening her eyelashes, making the eyes pop is essential for pin-up and pin-up- like art in my opinion.

oh and maybe you could try throwing a blueish green in there?

sorry for the overloaded comment :s

Anonymous said...

*Thicken* the eyelashes not darken, sry

PhiL the Zombie said...

Im glad you got the 999 chris. your a smart guy =D. As far as chin, I agree, I think that shadow looked darker in illustrator than it appears here

Mike Puncekar said...

but.... but... if she stood up the "9" on her hip... would be a "6".

Looking good though.

PhiL the Zombie said...

hmmm, blowing the whistle for a technically foul.... I guess that's free throws for you mike. lol thanks ill take that into consideration

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