The Void

This is my open assignment for Mahan's class. A kind of retro sci-fi pulp art movie poster. I have been looking up techniques from then and plan to use something close to them for the final. I already have it transfered but nothing really started yet. Keep in mind that this isa rough value study haha, not ment to be a finish. I'll post the rest when I get it done.


Bernadette said...

This composition works well, if you can pull off the technique you were talking about, totally awesome. I like that his helmet is darker than space. You could probably go lamer on the title. Also you might move that Saturn looking planet or change the size, it feels odd.

Anonymous said...

I really like the concept and the idea behind this, But I just think that you could utilize the shape of the composition alittle better, especially with the two figures at the bottom of the page, they seem to barely overlap each other which comes across kinda awkward as well as the size between them is to similar. In my opinion if you just varied the sizes a little more and provided more dynamic overlapping it would allow for a better design in a Dominant, Sub-dominant and subordanent sense. Something like Robert McGinnis. I'm looking forward to see how you finish this one, I think it's could be really nice.

Alex Lyon said...

That's a good point Patrick, thanks. I keep going back and messing with the guy in the corner, he Isn't even as well drawn haha. But that makes sense what your saying maybe that will help. I haven't even penciled him in yet, so ill mess with his positioning/size.

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