Alrighty, here's what I got for my Styles and Concepts final, let me know what you guys think, and let me know anything that could be changed, haha, hopefully it's 80's enough.


Eric Alessandrini said...

You might want to extend that pink shadow that Rex is casting to include the shadow his tail's giving off. It looks a little limited without it. Also, pretty interesting type, but "with the" is kinda hard to read. It might help if you enlarged it just a bit. And yes, I think it's 80's enough. I could see it on a faded white t-shirt with red lined sleeves and a collar.

D.R. Hovey said...

Maybe even a subtly different font on "with the" to get rid of those blocked out letters. Something that is sans serif and still somewhat jumbled to be clear and stay with the theme. i like his pose , T-rock sure loves movin with the music.

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